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SDCC 2015 – Mega Bloks

Friday, July 10th, 2015

Mega Bloks line is also taking full advantage of some licensing their competitors wouldn’t ever consider adding to their fold.

The Call of Duty line is progressing with some new building sets, including a set themed after the popular Zombies mode from the Treyarch games.

The Halo line is also seeing a few new additions, such as this unnamed prototype set.

Finally, the most exciting addition to the Mega Bloks line displayed at the show is the addition of T-800 head and arm model kits.  


Call Of Duty Mega Bloks

Wednesday, September 18th, 2013


Mega Bloks, everyone’s favorite LEGO clone, has made a habit of handling properties that the Danish toy giant wouldn’t; examples include: Halo, World of Warcraft, and now Call of Duty. Seen above is the Drone Attack set, which comes with an A.G.R., or Autonomous Ground Robot, and a kitted-up soldier. This and other sets, which include a boat set, tank set, and snowmobile set, are available for purchase/pre-order from Toys Я Us.