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Mil-Spec Monkey Logo Spotted In Call Of Duty: Ghosts Footage

Wednesday, August 21st, 2013

Monkey In CoD

I was watching some of the alpha multiplayer footage from Call of Duty: Ghosts and I noticed a very familiar looking logo being used as a player emblem. Specifically, it’s the Mil-Spec Monkey logo, slightly altered to include either some frost or a white beard along the chin. I contacted Monkey directly about spotting this, to get his take on its inclusion in the game. The verdict? While I wasn’t flat out told directly, it doesn’t look like its use was authorized by Monkey himself.

It can be seen in this video around the 1:30 and 1:50 marks.

They Are Coming…

Monday, June 10th, 2013


TFB Patches Are In The Works

Wednesday, January 30th, 2013


Just in case you’re not a frequenter of the Tactical Fanboy Facebook page, we are currently working with Mil-Spec Monkey on getting a run of Fanboy logo patches made up. These are some color variations that don’t necessarily represent what the final products will look like, although, as I’ve said before, I really dig the bottom-right pattern.

Infidel Caps Patch Case

Saturday, October 6th, 2012

If you’re the guy with every morale patch in existence yet nowhere to store them, or just happen to sell them at shows and the like, then you might want to pick up an Infidel Caps Patch Case. The case started as a custom job commissioned by Infidel Caps, was shown to MSM, who added a few design tweaks, was then shown to Tactical Tailor, who further tweaked the design, and was finally put into production. Closed, it resembles a covert weapons case (15” x 29” x 1.5”) with carry handles, and a 3″ X 5″ Velcro loop panel on the front and back for nametapes and other patches. Fully opened, it covers an area of 29” x 94” using 6 internal panels of Velcro loop; that equals to upwards of 484 patches worth of space, depending on size.

Available in black and coyote brown on milspecmonkey.com.