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Barrett – 1/6 Scale MRAD Rifle Figurine Accessory

Monday, October 16th, 2017

Barrett partnered with Mission Specific Equipment, a noted manufacturer of 1/6 Scale Action Figures, Parts, and Accessories, and produced a limited edition run of 1/6 Scale MRAD Rifles. These rifle models are perfectly sized to use with 12″ figurines, and came with the following accessories:

1x Rifle Stand
1x Tactical Bipod
1x Long Range Rifle Scope
1x PEQ
5x Rifle Magazines
1x Rail System Set

The rifle models were available in four colors: FDE, MRB, OD Green, and Tungsten Grey. Unfortunately, they’re long sold out by now, so if you’re looking to add these to your collection you might want to keep your eyes open on various collector and auction sites.


MilSim Event Review of WT Tactical

Monday, December 5th, 2011

Some of the guys from MSE went out hunting for some piggies, doing some four-wheeling and basically just spending three days in the mountains proving that adage about men and boys and the price of their toys. Check it out. The actual reviewing is at about 3:20 and 6:16, but if you want to just feel bad that you didn’t get to go play and they did then watch the whole thing.