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Tactical Fanboy new hire

Wednesday, March 28th, 2012

Tactical Fanboy, on behalf of SolSys Group and freedom and hot-chick loving Coalition Gunfighters everywhere, is proud to announce it has added another writer to the staff of the TFB eee-light team of doorkickin’ bloggers. We are happy to introduce Willie Airborne. Willie comes highly recommend by both RE Factor Tactical, who was kind enough to refer him to us, by Brian Montgomery of WT Tactical and Magnum Tuggs (who apparently served with him in some of the most dangerous swamps within a half an hour of Galliano, LA; sources indicate they went through some “real serious shit” together). Willie is a highly decorated combat veteran, a graduate of several advanced Ho-Tac courses and . He will be writing beginning sometime in April, if his male modeling gig with Brian is wrapped up in time. Please extend Willie Airborne a warm Tactical Fanboy welcome.

“God loves the infantry and God loves Airborne Willie.”


MilSim Event Review of WT Tactical

Monday, December 5th, 2011

Some of the guys from MSE went out hunting for some piggies, doing some four-wheeling and basically just spending three days in the mountains proving that adage about men and boys and the price of their toys. Check it out. The actual reviewing is at about 3:20 and 6:16, but if you want to just feel bad that you didn’t get to go play and they did then watch the whole thing.