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Urwerk UR-1001 Zeit Device

Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

I’ve said before I’m a sucker for a good-looking watch, but the Ur-1001 Zeit Device practically transcends such a simple description. Beneath the sleek exterior made from non-magnetic ARCAP alloy lies indicators for all manner of measurements. It features and/or tracks satellite hours, retrograde minutes, a day/night indicator, running seconds, a power reserve indicator, a revolving satellite calendar displaying months plus date, an oil change indicator, a 100-year indicator and a 1000-year indicator. That’s right, it’s very easily designed to outlive any potential owners simply by how long it’s meant to track time. The cost? Roughly 430,000 USD. Is it limited edition? You better believe it: only 8 are available for purchase, starting in October. At that price and rarity, it was obviously meant for men with riches far beyond what most of us have available. Just the same, if given the chance to own one of these I think I’d still stick with my G-Shock. I feel it’s more functional and since it’s digital I don’t have to wind it.

urwerk.com – UR-1001

Hot Shots 2012 Calendar Available for Pre-order

Tuesday, August 30th, 2011

The 2012 Hot Shots calendar is now available for pre-order with a 1 September release date. Produced by UK-based Edgar Brothers, it pairs models Charlotte McKenna, Rosie Jones, Holly Peers, India Reynolds and Stacey Noblett with the latest in weapons and kit featuring products from Magpul and Crye Precision.

If that wasn’t enough, consider this. 50% of the proceeds are donated to the UK based Help for Heroes.

Follow Hot Shots on Twitter, and like them on Facebook for special giveaways.

Support Help for Heroes and pre-order your copy of the 2012 Hot Shots calendar now.


Designer Diapers In Camouflage

Tuesday, August 30th, 2011

Apparently designer diapers are a really big thing right now. This naturally has led to Huggies coming up with camouflage diapers (since camouflage is always fashionable, amirite?). Now, while I can’t vouch for the effectiveness of this Navy-esque pattern for your toddler in the field, there is a good cause behind it: every package sold equals a diaper donated to a needy military service family. If you’re looking to buy some of these, they’re available exclusively at Wal-Mart.

Hat Tip: USA Today

Cook An Egg In An Orange Peel

Monday, August 29th, 2011

This is a fun, neat little trick to try if you’re out camping and brought eggs, oranges and tin foil. You start by burning a fire down to the coals. Meanwhile, split an orange in half and hollow out the contents. You then place an egg inside each orange half, wrap them in the foil and place them on the coals. 3-5 minutes later, you have an egg cooked to perfection, with a hint of orange flavor to boot.

The above video shows a slightly different method involving placing the orange directly on the coals, but the principle’s the same. I just prefer foil since it keeps everything more secure.

Hat Tip: lifehacker.com

The Crown Vic Retires

Sunday, August 28th, 2011

One of the most iconic police cars in the US, the Crown Victoria, is finally being retired by Ford. Although the Crown Vic wasn’t available from licensed dealers since 2008, Ford continued to sell to police departments until this year. The cars Ford is replacing the Crown Vic with? A Tarus variant and the Explorer SUV. Commence laughing at any time; the Tarus sucks. Some good news comes from this though, since I’ll no longer have to wonder if any old dudes rocking Crown Vics on the highway are just playing cop or really driving an unmarked car.

Hat Tip: freep.com

An Interesting Survival Blog

Saturday, August 27th, 2011

“Emergency” author Neil Strauss is a journalist who caught the prepper bug a couple of years ago. While he’s more well known for this Pick Up Artist books, “Emergency” is definitely worth a read. It’s more of a why to do it than a how, but he’s such a great writer, it’s the kind of book that will make your friends who are on the fence about preparation looks things in a different light. He has a section of his website that he uses to post survival info. Considering we’ve been hit with an earthquake and hurricane, both in the same week, this topic seems pretty poignant. Check it out.


Aliens: Colonial Marines

Saturday, August 27th, 2011

Finally, an ‘Aliens’ game that seems to do the property justice: a 4-man squad of Space Marines must survive an overwhelming force of Xenomorphs armed only with their wits and some iconic weaponry (including my personal favorite, the M41A1 Pulse Rifle). This game can’t come out soon enough.

Aliens: Colonial Marines drops Spring, 2012.

Hot Shots Calendar 2012 Behind the Scenes – NSFW

Friday, August 26th, 2011

Enjoy this footage of a behind the scenes look for the Hot Shots Calendar 2012. Oh, and as the title points out, the video is basically NSFW: some salty language, firearms and a lot of half-nakedness is contained within.

The Hot Shots Calendar will be available September 1st, 2011. You can pre-order yours here. 50% of the proceeds is donated to UK based Help for Heroes.

Swag Backpack Bed

Thursday, August 25th, 2011

The Swag is a lightweight backpack that turns into a single-person shelter with a 6’2″ EVA insulated foam mattress and a top cover fabric made from UltTrex Lite™, a material 7 times more waterproof than canvas. Besides this, the Swag is anti-mildew treated, windproof, and features steam-sealed seams, zippered mosquito mesh, four zippered external pockets, an internal waterproof pocket, a lockable internal pocket (brass lock included), Velcro front pocket, Kevlar security loop, 2 wind clips, two carabiners, and three built-in ropes, among other features. Plus, every Swag purchased buys another for a homeless individual.

You can buy it here.

Game up for Gaddafi? Rebels enter Tripoli

Wednesday, August 24th, 2011

Take a look at NMAWorldEdition‘s unique take on the recent events in Libya.

Thanks to @PredatorBDU for the link.

Black Powder Red Earth V1

Wednesday, August 24th, 2011

Echelon Software’s Black Powder Red Earth V1, which I wrote a review for back in late June, is now available for purchase. Authored by Jon Chang and Kane Smith and illustrated by Josh Taylor, Black Powder Red Earth V1 takes place in near future Basran, a post-Iraq state. It follows the actions of a PMC against, primarily, Iranian-backed groups and agents.

You can buy your copy here.

Echelon Software

Call Of Duty XP – Zipline Safety

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011

I love how Activision feels it appropriate to release a video on ziplines at the Call of Duty XP event, considering the majority won’t be attending in the first place. At least they got Jen Taylor (best known for her role as Cortana in the Halo franchise) to voice the safety procedures. The history of ziplines in the CoD series is a nice touch.

Call of Duty XP is an event taking place September 2nd & 3rd in Los Angeles, California. Besides the MW3 multiplayer reveal, there will also be a $1 Million CoD tournament and other live events.


FUBAR 2: Empire Of The Rising Dead

Monday, August 22nd, 2011

I was at the Baltimore Comic-Con this weekend and I had the pleasure of seeing the FUBAR team for the second year in a row. For those not familiar with FUBAR, it’s a graphic novel zombie anthology series that takes place during WWII featuring a mix of different artists and writers for each story. The first volume, FUBAR: European Theater of the Damned covered the Nazi and Allied zombies in, appropriately enough, the European Theater.

This year, the FUBAR team has released FUBAR 2: Empire of the Rising Dead, taking place in the Pacific Theater, with plenty of zombified soldiers on both sides of the conflict. Despite being the second volume, it’s not linked to the European stories, so you wouldn’t miss anything story-related by skipping straight to FUBAR 2, although I suggest you get both; it’s an exellent series.

In addition to the graphic novels, there’s also a set of zombie targets available. Originally confined to just WWII zombie soldiers, the targets now include a Wild West Cowboy, Michael Jackson in Thriller, and my personal favorite, the Modern Operator (complete with Blackwater Logo, lol), among others. These come in two sizes: 11″ x 17″ and 24″ x 36″.

Finally, the FUBAR team is currently running a Kickstarter page to help with printing the second book. In exchange for your contribution, they’re offering everything from T-shirts to posters to both volumes of the book with custom sketches, depending on the size of your donation. You can donate here.


A Brief History Of The Ancient Science Of Sword Making

Sunday, August 21st, 2011

This i09 article details a brief history of sword making, from bronze to iron, including the ever-elusive ‘Damascus Steel’. A decent read, and a great reminder that humanity’s had no problem with killing each other before the invention of gunpowder.

US Military Bracelets – “My Soldier Story” Contest

Saturday, August 20th, 2011

US Military Bracelets is offering a chance for you to win one of 30 Sterling Silver Military Emblem bracelets of your choice. All it requires is either a short Youtube video or paragraph explaining how you honor your courageous soldier or service. Other prizes include 20% off any single item purchase from US Military Bracelets or free engraving on a new US Military Bracelet.

For information submissions and guidelines visit usmilitarybracelets.com/contest .

CoD: Black Ops – Zombie Labs Trailer

Friday, August 19th, 2011

Equal parts funny and violent, this trailer for the upcoming ‘Rezurection’ DLC Pack for CoD: Black Ops shows the work the researchers at the zombie labs undertake to understand and better combat the moon zombie menace. ‘Rezurection’ includes the 4 original World At War zombies maps in addition to ‘Moon’, as well as the zombies soundtrack and a premium zombies dashboard theme. As a nice bonus, if you already have the original maps through the hardened/prestige edition of Black Ops, you get this content pack for free. Score!

‘Rezurection’ drops August 28th on Xbox Live for 1200 Microsoft points ($15)

Cas Hanwei 1918 Mark 1 Letter Opener

Thursday, August 18th, 2011


First used during WWI, the 1918 Mark 1 Trench Knife is among one of the most iconic knife designs in history, a lot having to do with its brass knuckles-esque ‘knuckle duster’ grip. Now, Cas Hanwei offers a replica version of the Mark 1 for use as a letter opener. The piece features a steel blade and a blackened bronze grip and authentic detail. You’d be hard-pressed to find a cooler way to open your incoming snail mail then with one of these.

You can buy it here.

Peter Thiel Puts Funding Into Seasteading Institute – All Guns Allowed

Wednesday, August 17th, 2011

Peter Thiel, founder of PayPal, has just sunk $1.25 million of his own money into the Seasteading Institute, an organization that essentially wants to create an above-the-ocean version of Rapture. Lack of genetics-altering, stem cell-loaded sea slugs aside, this seems like a fantastic idea, especially after reading this quote: “a kind of floating petri dish for implementing policies that libertarians, stymied by indifference at the voting booths, have been unable to advance: no welfare, looser building codes, no minimum wage, and few restrictions on weapons.” Honestly, you’d figure billionaires would be rich enough to sit down and play more video games. Andrew Ryan tried this in the 50’s and he ended up with a civil war on his hands… wait, “…few restrictions on weapons.”? It’s decided, I’m sold! Now, where do I apply for citizenship?

Hat Tip: News.Yahoo.com

Sawyer Squeeze Filter

Tuesday, August 16th, 2011

The Sawyer Squeeze Filter consists of a filter with a push/pull cap that attaches to one of three different sized reusable pouches, 12, 16, or 32oz, or most threaded plastic bottles. The system is lightweight, weighing only 3oz., and is very portable. Despite its small size it removes upwards of 99.99999% of all water-found containments. The filter can even stand up to high-pressure backwashing due to Sawyer’s robust hollow-fiber membranes, although because of the filter’s large surface area this isn’t a frequently required task.

You can buy here.

Recycled Uniforms For DoD

Monday, August 15th, 2011

In accordance with a 2009 presidential executive order, the Senate has directed the Defense Department to look at uniforms made from recycled plastic bottles and other “formerly used consumer material”. The 2009 policy’s goal is that 95% of all new government contracts for items other than weapons be products or services that are “environmentally preferable.” This can take the form of nontoxic alternatives, products or procedures that don’t deplete the ozone layer and presumably granola-eating manufactory staff with a penchant for hugging trees.

Apparel made of recycled material is not new. The uniform company Cintas has been making hotel and casino staff uniforms of recycled bottles and apparently has a whole line of such recycled couture. Sports uniforms in South Africa have also been made from bottles retrieved from Japanese and Taiwanese landfills. Though it’s doubtful soccer players there must worry too much about IEDs, or need FR clothing, one hopes allowances would be made to keep military uniforms from melting onto a grunt’s skin.

Though it’s not widely known, the uniforms of some specialty units (like the Mobile Infantry) have been made from recycled soda bottles for years. Their MREs are all made of Soylent Green, too.

The Senate Armed Services Committee has asked DoD to report in time for items to be considered as part of the 2013 budget.

Authorship credits for this article goes to www.breachbangclear.com.
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G&P – Stoner U.S. Navy MK23 LMG

Sunday, August 14th, 2011

Manufactured by G&P, the Stoner U.S. Navy MK23 LMG is an airsoft replica of the Stoner 63 adopted by the U.S. Navy SEALs during Vietnam. Quality wise, this is one impressive piece, with the body, outer barrel, heat shield, sights, magazine cage and trigger made of metal; the furniture is polymer. The internals are based on a Version 2 gearbox with 8mm bearings run by a G&P M120 High Speed motor. The gun features a 1200 round box magazine powered by a 9 volt battery, with an auto wind switch integrated with the trigger. Due to the gun’s inclusion in the CoD: Black Ops armory, and it being an alternative to airsoft M60s for use in Vietnam scenarios, I’m sure this’ll sell pretty well among enthusiasts.

Hat Tip: airsoftmonkey.com

Combat Garden Gnomes

Saturday, August 13th, 2011


Put a few of these in your yard, and never again fear an invasion from the squirrel menace. Created by Shawn Thorsson, these battle-hardened magical folk come equipped with a trusty rifle in hand. Soon to come are a prone rifleman gnome and a grenadier. At press time, the entire stock was sold out so if you’re interested in obtaining some of these porcelain mercenaries for yourself (or friends/family with a sense of humor) then be prepared to watch the creator’s site often for news on availability.

You can buy them here

M41A1 Pulse Rifle In LEGO

Friday, August 12th, 2011

Combining two of my favorite things, the ‘Alien’ movie series and LEGOs, this M41A1 Pulse Rifle is damn cool looking. It features working triggers, cocking handle, pumping grip, and a removable magazine. It was created by Mr. Giovanni Tuzzi, who also made an incredibly detailed M14 model, among other LEGO firearms.

Hat Tip: The Brother’s Brick

Zombie Jerky: Questionably Cannibalistic Nutrition For The Apocalypse

Thursday, August 11th, 2011

It seems only fair; they eat us, why shouldn’t we eat them? Granted, the drying process is somewhat unpleasant (if not as unpleasant as carving the meat). A company called Harcos has been selling zombie jerky for a while now and they claim it’s mutagen free (so presumably eating it will not turn you). We don’t know what spices they use, nor whether it’s rubbed or marinated and frankly we’d rather not know. In any case, if you need a snack to augment your trail food or rat-f%&*ed MREs, try it out. They offer zombie blood power drinks as well, and have posted numerous testimonials. Rumors that the SADF is issuing Harcos Lyk Byt Biltong cannot be confirmed (see picture).

Authorship credits for this article go to www.breachbangclear.com.
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Ahh, The Memories

Wednesday, August 10th, 2011

Here is last year’s “Making of” video for Hot Shots Calendar. Can’t wait for this year’s.