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Prince Harry The Action Figure*

Hornby, a UK-based model company, is set to release a collection of eight 3-inch figures depicting British troops in Afghanistan along with various vehicles including tanks and helicopters. Interestingly enough, one of the troops being modeled is Prince Harry. More specifically, a famous picture of him on patrol in Helmand Province in 2008 is being used as the basis for the figure. Although his uniform and equipment will be featured on the model, his likeness will not. The collection will be available in February, 2012.


Original Story- Express.co.uk

*This figure does not feature Kung-Fu grip

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2 Responses to “Prince Harry The Action Figure*”

  1. red2alpha73 says:

    Hot Toys 1/6th scale British Tank Commander figure bears a striking resemblance to Prince Harry down to the way thePronce has been seen carrying his Browning Hi Power, tucked into the PALS webbing on his plate carrier.

  2. Flippy says:

    Tanks? we don’t have any tanks in Afghanistan…….some tracked vehicles yes but tanks (Challenger 2) no.

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