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Zombie Attack Barbie!

This clever image shop by Sarah Anne Langton of Secret Arctic Base shows exactly how awesome a Barbie doll would be if the Zombie craze happened five decades earlier. Throw a few of those Zombie Ken dolls in the mix, and you’d have the ultimate playtime doomsday scenario, just with more pink and effeminate, formerly-living boyfriends. Now with grenades!

Secret Arctic Base – Zombie Attack Barbie!

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One Response to “Zombie Attack Barbie!”

  1. Grayson says:


    What the shrieking Hell kind of drugs does this Sarah Anne Langton have in her bathroom cupboard? And did these drugs even originate on this freaking planet?

    This just went to the top of the list of “Things That Should Never Exist In This Space-Time Continuum”. (In my considered opinion.)

    And the worst of all? If my niece ever saw this, she would be asking for it RIGHT THIS INSTANT, and I would probably get to try and explain that she can not get it – because it doesn’t exist! (there’s a new example of Hell for you.)

    Once again, Thank You, Fanboy! How about a little WARNING next time, Please?

    I need a drink. Such as, about 4 ounces of 100 proof anything.

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