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Dart Blaster Tactial Rail Clip Holder On Kickstarter

Random Hat, LLC is a small, two-person company located in Hastings, MN that’s looking to break into the world of 3rd-party Nerf accessories. Their first idea is for the ‘Dart Blaster Tactical Rail Clip Holder’ seen above. It connects to the dart magazine via a Velcro strap, allowing one to attach said magazine to any of the picatinny-esque rails featured on many of the more recent Nerf blasters. They only have until Saturday, March 24th to reach their (admittedly high) goal of $20,000, so don’t don’t wait to long to donate if you feel the project is worth it.

Kickstarter – Dart Blaster Tactial Rail Clip Holder

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2 Responses to “Dart Blaster Tactial Rail Clip Holder On Kickstarter”

  1. red2alpha73 says:

    I was completely unaware that there was a market for third party Nerf accessories or that it was market to break into. Skunked again.

  2. anon says:

    *magazine holder

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