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Swedish Marines – Greased Lightning In Afghanistan

Friday, January 31st, 2014

Cole Haan Camo Collection

Thursday, January 30th, 2014


Although calling solid black camouflage is a bit lazy, the rest of the shoes in the Cole Haan Camo Collection features some neat camos, from the standard woodland-esque Forest Camo and desert camo to the more unique Green Multi Mosaic and Red Multi Mosaic camouflages.


Gryphon Work Shop – Kryptek Kilts

Wednesday, January 29th, 2014


A reader of ours shared a couple of Kryptek kilts custom made for him by Gryphon Work Shop out of Vancouver, Washington. The kilts were done in Typhon and Mandrake patterns. These patterns aren’t a standard option on the Gryphon Work Shop site, although you can make a request for these and more patterns if you choose.


Thanks to AZ for the tip!

This article was originally featured on SSD.

Ares Armor – Sliding CAM Sling

Tuesday, January 28th, 2014


5.11 Tactical – Storm Grey

Monday, January 27th, 2014

56100_tacTecPlateCarrie_092 copy

Many tactical gear manufacturers have taken to introducing various shades of Grey into their available color options, and 5.11 Tactical is no exception, with their own Storm Grey color. Developed from research proving its functionality in a range of urban and naval environments, Storm Grey has been integrated into 18 products in the 5.11 Tactical portfolio, including gear packs like the RUSH and MOAB series, TacTec protective chest products, VTAC mag and utility pouches, clothing options, boots, and more. The TacTec Plate Carrier and XPRT 2.0 Boot will also be available in Storm Grey later this year.


Combat Conditioning 2

Monday, January 27th, 2014


The sequel to Nathaniel Morrison’s ‘Combat Conditioning’ is now available. Building upon the foundations of the first ‘Combat Conditioning’, Volume 2 further details methods to obtain peak fitness and nutrition, including: strength training loads, in-depth exercise descriptions, optimal eating, supplements, and much, much more. Additionally, included with the price of the e-book is access to worksheets, videos, and the Combat Conditioning membership site.


SHOT Show 2014 Media Day At The Range

Sunday, January 26th, 2014

Range Day Overview Shot Show 2014 (Enhanced) from boo keller on Vimeo.

Thanks to photographer Blind Owl Media, you can get an overview of Media Day at the Range for SHOT Show 2014.

SHOT Show 2014 – Kalashnikov Tribute At The Arsenal Booth

Saturday, January 25th, 2014


Arsenal set up a tribute area for famed AK-47 designer Mikhail Kalashnikov, who recently passed away, at their booth. It included a guest book of sorts where attendees could offer their condolences to the Kalashnikov family.

How To (Really) Break Someone’s Neck

Friday, January 24th, 2014

We all know that Hollywood’s been incorrectly depicting the ancient art of neck snapping for years now. Luckily, Master Ken is on hand to show us the right way.

Lone Wolf Distributors Built Slides

Thursday, January 23rd, 2014

Lone Wolf Distributors is currently offering complete, custom Glock slides for sale. The slides features different custom finishes, engraving, and many even include quality LWD components like barrels, firing pins, recoil springs, and more. The slides are eBay exclusive, so check out Lone Wolf Distributors’ eBay seller’s page as they’ll be constantly updating their inventory.

Slide 1


Slide 2



SHOT Show 2014 – Ads In The Urinals Part Deux

Wednesday, January 22nd, 2014


Cerakote once again secured the urinal ads at SHOT Show, foregoing the (potentially messy) targets, for something a bit more generic.

SHOT Show 2014 – H&K – 50 Years Of The MP5

Tuesday, January 21st, 2014


One of the more interesting displays at the H&K booth at this year’s SHOT Show, was the 50 Years of the MP5. Contained within was examples of one of the very first MP64 A3s all the way to the modern MP5 MLI.

TiKeY + TiPiK Lockpick Set On Massdrop

Monday, January 20th, 2014


For a limited time on Massdrop, you can purchase the TiKey + TiPiK Lockpick Set on Massdrop for 24% off MSRP. The TiKeY + TiPiK by Tactical Keychains is a package consisting of a billet grade 5 titanium key holder, the TiKeY, and a set of 7 lockpicks and 2 tension bars also made of grade 5 titanium, the TiPiK set.


Massdrop is a crowd-based sales platform where users vote on commercial items to be featured on the site, based on a category such as ‘Espresso machine’ or ‘Tactical backpack’. Once voting narrows down to just one item, Massdrop contacts the manufacturer and looks to set up a ‘Massdrop’, which aims to offer bulk pricing to the masses while only requiring they buy one each. As true of a traditional bulk pricing model, the more items sold, the lower the price for all.


Titanfall Alpha Gameplay

Sunday, January 19th, 2014

tf by Shyakugaun

Titanfall is only in alpha and it’s already looking pretty intense, and more importantly fun… I may have to buy a nex-gen console/PC before this comes out.

5.11 Tactical Gear Seen On Lone Target

Saturday, January 18th, 2014


On this week’s Lone Target, Joel Lambert was using the hidden document pocket on the 5.11 Long Sleeve Pro Shirt to stow his map. The RUSH 24 and MOAB 10 packs were also worn the entire show, as were a pair of (potential knockoff) 5.11 gloves.

Thanks to DR for the tip!

SHOT Show 2014 – SIG Sauer

Friday, January 17th, 2014


Sig Sauer’s SIG556xi is a highly modular rifle with a 3-position adjustable gas piston system. It is caliber convertible between 5.56, 7.62x39mm, and 300 BLK cartridges, and every major component of the rifle is interchangeable:


The base model comes with:

– Locking flip-up front and rear sights
– Polymer handguard (compatible with Magpul MOE accessories)
– Swiss side-folding stock
– removable cheek riser
– reversible swing swivel
– Ambidextrous magazine release
– Ergonomic grip with storage
– Swappable charging handle
– Chambered for 5.56/300 BLK
– 16″ barrel


SHOT Show 2014 – FNH FN 15

Friday, January 17th, 2014


FNH has released their own AR-15 pattern rifles, the FN 15 and FN 15 Carbine. Both rifles feature a hard anodized aluminum, flat-top receiver with M-1913 MIL-STD rail at the 12 o’clock position, with A2-style front sight, and removable carrying handle mount with sights. The barrel for both rifles is button-broached and chrome-lined, with an A2-style compensator and 1:7″ twist, and a 2-piece ribbed hand guard. The AR-style magazine features an aluminum body with low fiction follower.

The FN 15 has a fixed stock with sling mount and storage compartment. The barrel length is 20″.

The FN 15 Carbine has a collapsible, 6-position stock. The barrel length is 16″.


SHOT Show 2014 – Full Motion Video/Torrey Pines Logic

Friday, January 17th, 2014


Torry Pines Logic’s GPH-GSM Super-HERO Vision Gun Scope Adapter is a gun scope adapter for GoPro HERO 3+ cameras. It features an integral watertight plastic HERO 3 housing and requires no modifications to the original camera to work. The Super-HERO utilizes a “…sophisticated imaging formatting relay lens system and high quality optical prism to sample light from the scope and direct it towards the camera.” This allows the user to record full HD video through their gun scope without compromising the scope itself or its functionality. Great for reviewing target groups, documenting shot environment, or recording general performance.



SHOT Show 2014 – TrackingPoint

Friday, January 17th, 2014


TrackingPoint is expanding into the semi-auto realm with the new TrackingPoint 500 Series ARs, announced for 2014. Built upon the Daniel Defense DDM4 V7, the TrackingPoint AR utilizes the same Tag Track Xact technology as the bolt-action rifle scopes, but in a smaller frame. This allows for the user to make marked shots on targets traveling up to 10 mph out to 500 yards and utilize 2-12x magnification. Because of the integrated nature of the TrackingPoint system, it will only be available as a complete rifle w/ scope.

The rifles will be offered in offered in 7.62, .300 BLK, and 5.56 calibers. They are currently taking pre-orders. Delivery starts October 2014.


SHOT Show 2014 – FAB Defense

Thursday, January 16th, 2014


This is the Pentagon Magazine Coupler. Designed to work with the 10-round Ultimag, this device not only facilitates quicker mag reloads and offers a total capacity of 50 rounds, but also can function as an impromptu bipod and/or rifle stand.

At the very least, it’s a novel idea.


KRISS Expands The Vector Product Line With Magpul Enhancements

Thursday, January 16th, 2014


KRISS launches the Vector “Enhanced” Series for its line of .45ACP firearms featuring new customization options and Magpul Accessories.

January 14, 2014 – Las Vegas, Nevada, United States – The KRISS Vector Enhanced Series is comprised of the Vector CRB and SBR models equipped with an M4 stock adaptor, Magpul UBR stock and MBUS flip sights. The scheduled release date for the Enhanced Series is set for Q2 with an MSRP targeted at $1,995.00.
The Magpul stock and MBUS sights give the Vector a similar feel to the ubiquitous AR-15. The stock adaptor, which makes the attachment of the UBR stock possible, will be available for sale separately and allows for a new avenue of customization for the Vector. Magpul MBUS Sights equipped on the Enhanced Series were designed specifically to match the Vector’s unique shape.

According to KRISS USA Marketing Manager Tim Seargeant, the Enhanced Series will feel familiar to more shooters, making it easier to adapt to the Vector’s futuristic design, and is now more customizable.

“The KRISS Super V technology inside the Vector is designed to enhance shooting performance by mitigating recoil forces. Magpul products aim to enhance shooting performance through external upgrades. The Vector with Magpul accessories is a great pairing.” Seargeant adds.

For more information regarding the Vector Enhanced Series, visit KRISS at SHOT Show Booth #432 or go online at www.kriss-usa.com .

SHOT Show 2014 – Kel-Tec

Wednesday, January 15th, 2014


Kel-Tec is releasing this bullpup rifle, the M43, next year. It’s a wood-and-metal variant of the brand new polymer RDB carbine, both chambered for 5.56. The M43’s design is intended to resemble 1940s firearms technology. It features an adjustable gas piston operation and full ambidextrous controls; brass ejects downward, behind the magazine. Unlike its polymer brother,the M43 features no rails and isn’t suppressor ready. Instead, it has folding iron sights to complement its wood handguard, pistol grip, and stock. Another small difference is the folding charging handle on the M43, compared to the fixed handle on the RDB.



SHOT Show 2014 – Spartan Imports

Wednesday, January 15th, 2014



Classic Army has a new lime of airsoft rifles coming soon. They feature a 9mm metal bearing gearbox, improved wiring, and a quick change spring system. The line consists largely of AR-15 variants, with an AK and a P90 clone thrown into the mix. Additional accessories including handguards, flash hiders, and butt stocks will also be available.


New CO2 powered FN Five seveN pistol.



SHOT Show 2014 – Rhino Arms 12 Gauge Shotgun

Wednesday, January 15th, 2014


Rhino Arms is currently showing off their new 12 gauge AR-15 pattern shotgun. It comes with a 10-round magazine coated in Rhino Skin, a proprietary grip coating; 5-round magazines are also available for restrictive areas. One of the coolest features of this weapon is it utilizes a .308 lower, meaning the 12 gauge upper can be swapped with a .308 upper and still maintain functionality. It comes standard with a carbon fiber or aluminum modular hand guard and Magpul CTR stock. Further options and packages will be available, including a .308/12 gauge combo package.


SHOT Show 2014 – Black Rain Ordnance BRO-PG3

Tuesday, January 14th, 2014


The BRO PG3 is part of a line of BRO AR-15 pattern rifles by Black Rain Ordnance. The PG3 is chambered for .223/5.56 and features a direct impingement gas system. The receivers are forged by Black Rain from billet aluminum. The gas block is an adjustable low profile. The barrel is a 16″ stainless steel spiral fluted with 1:8 twist. It also features a 9″ quad rail fore end, BRO-DIT trigger, Magpul MOE grip, Magpul UBR stock, and MFS flash hider. Comes with a silver skull anodized finish.