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Canada’s Premium Tactical Manufacturer Announces European Expansion

The Requirements Group (TRG) European headquarters will be in the Netherlands

TORONTO, July 9, 2018 (Newswire.com) – With tremendous success in North America, the leading developer and manufacturer of premium tactical and outdoors products, The Requirements Group (TRG) is expanding to the European market to provide premium Canadian grade tactical and air-soft garments and accessories, launching its European headquarters officially in the Netherlands as of July 9, 2018.

Recently the tactical and outdoors equipment market has been flooded with low grade, unreliable products as a result of many manufacturers turning to factories in China with no experience in tactical products. This move has neglected the end user’s comfort and safety. The Requirements Group (TRG) sees this as an opportunity to turn around the market and deliver to the tactical professionals and outdoors consumers premium products which have been designed and tested by active and veteran tactical police, military and SAR (search & rescue) operators. All the requirements of the products are based on real-life experience of tactical and special forces operators.

With its two flagship brands; Shadow Elite and Shadow Strategic, TRG will be able to serve both the agency and civilian markets. Having its own factory allows TRG to source and manufacture products the way they are meant to be. Having the ability to regulate strict quality control is what the company prides itself on. Reducing production costs by not outsourcing to third-party factories passes on the savings of premium products to the customer.

“We are not your typical garment manufacturer. Tactical police and military work is in our bloodstream. Unlike other manufacturers who start off in regular outerwear and then see an opportunity in the tactical and air-soft world, we stick to what has been second nature to us for the past 80 plus years in combined experience,” says Glen Turpin, retired police officer, tactical expert and co-founder of The Requirements Group. “We are fortunate enough to have on our team, veteran and active frontline police and military operators who design and test the kit our end users wear and trust. As well as expert search & rescue (SAR) technicians testing the load bearing and rigging components of our kit. It would not be fair to the end user to have the products manufactured in a factory that one day produces load bearing tactical vests, and the next day dolls or nail clippers. This is why we invested so much into building our own factory where our dedicated expert workers and engineers focus on tactical kit every single day.”

Another benefit TRG has with its own factory, is the ability to service large agencies and tactical teams by customizing uniforms and equipment with specific technical and camouflage pattern requirements.

About the Requirements Group: The Requirements Group (TRG) is a law enforcement veteran owned and operated company. Based in Canada, it has expanded its distribution to hundreds of locations across North America. Its two leading brands are Shadow Elite and Shadow Strategic.

Shadow Elite products are engineered and built with the safety, comfort and demands of front line personnel in mind.

Shadow Strategic products are intended as an entry line. Quality products with lighter weight materials and less complex technical components.

With these two product lines, TRG can serve both the professional agency clients, as well as outdoor and airsoft enthusiasts.


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