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Sideshow Collectables – Jack Burton 1/6 Scale Figure

Tuesday, February 19th, 2019

Sideshow has released a lot of awesome figures over the years, but in my (extremely biased) opinion, this one is easily one of the best: the 1/6 scale Jack Burton from ‘Big Trouble in Little China’. Coming in at 12″ in height, this highly-detailed figurine features a lifelike Jack Burton headsculpt (complete with mullet), multiple points of articulation, and some truly-impressive, movie-accurate clothing details, such as the laces on his boots, the included denim jacket, and even the stitching on his watch cuff.

The figure comes complete with Jack’s semi-auto TEC-9 pistol, Gerber TAC knife, multiple hand configurations, and a “Guardian” accessory figure, AKA the floating eyeball creature.

This figure is limited to 1500 units worldwide, and is available exclusively through Sideshow’s website.


Tactical Fanboy Gift Idea #10: The Guardian From Big Trouble In Little China

Saturday, December 3rd, 2011

The Guardian by Mike Graham of Zombie Monkey is a great gift for anyone who’s a huge fan of the John Carpenter classic ‘Big Trouble in Little China’. For those who don’t know, The Guardian was the eyes and ears for Lo Pan, the main antagonist, in his vast underground lair. Also, Jack Burton (Kurt Russell) shot it, so that has to count for something, right? Personally, I always got a Beholder vibe from this thing, minus the capacity to completely destroy any high level party that happens upon it. Anyway, it’s roughly the size of a human head, is made from over five pounds of Magic Sculpt putty and a Mega Munny head, and will set you back $500. Remember how I said “…for anyone who’s a huge fan…”?

Zombiemonkey.com – The Guardian