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Big News for Folders and Butterfly Knives: DDR’s New Pivot System

Saturday, April 7th, 2012

A little knife update from Swingin’ Dick and Slim.

We spent some time recently with the Auguste Rodin of knife building up in his double secret super foundry forge headquarters near Cincinnati and got to talk to The Man himself, Mr. Darrel Ralph of Darrel Ralph Designs. As you might expect, he’s got a lot of awesome in the works.

One of these is new developments is the NLT (No Lock Tite) Pivot System they recently developed to further improve the reliability and smooth function of DDR knives. The NLT is a pivot adjustment system that will stay tight and adjusted. They stopped using lock-tite because it breaks loose after several hours of swinging (which is obviously problematic, if you’re using a knife with an integral swing function).

Here are the instructions for the NLT Pivot system. More to follow.

Darrel and his staff have also recently finished the initial tests of their new Maxx Glide Pivot Bushing System, a bushing system intended to accompany their bearing system.

“This bushing system and the NLT are easy to adjust,” Darrel said, “and has virtually no blade play. Plus our clutch mechanism will allow blade tension to be adjusted to your liking, you know if you prefer a little tension on the blade.”

We’re returning in a month or two, though we haven’t decided if we’re going back to the Darrel Ralph shop or if we’re just gonna take some single dancing moms to King’s Island.

Mad Duo Clear

Tactical Fanboy: Looking over the shop at the DDR Shop

Good Gear: a Graphic Demonstration

Thursday, January 19th, 2012

This is quite a selection of gear from the Mad Duo. Raven Concealment, 5.11 Tactical, LED Lenser, Darrel Ralph Knives, Tactical Tailor, Bravo 5, Legion Firearms, T.I.E. Tactical, Warrior Wound Care, I.C.E. Training, SAR Global Tools and of course…butter, 5-hour energy, B12 energy powder, butter from Kokomos, Tabasco, OC spray and miscellaneous other things (like used family planning devices).

Only at a Vegas SHOT Show eh?

Tactical Fanboy: Quite an eclectic mix of gear and...condiments?

NYCKS Coming…Horton, Winkler, Darrel Ralph…What’s not to like?

Thursday, November 3rd, 2011

The 2011 New York Custom Knife Show is fast approaching (18, 19 and 20 November). If you’re close enough to get by there, you should check it out. There’ll be a few dozen of the best knifemakers around.  It’s going to be at the Westin-Jersey City Newport (479 Washington Blvd.Jersey City, NJ  07310). It’ll run Friday from 1300 to 1800, Saturday from 1000 to 1800 and Sunday from 0900 to 1500. There are a number of prizes scheduled to be given away. Full information on the 2011 NYCKS website.

There will be a lot of really talented knifemakers there, including three of our favorites:

Darrel Ralph, Darrel Ralph Designs

Daniel Winkler of Winkler Knives


Jeremy Horton of Horton Knives

No way to pick which one is the coolest, so best to get one of each.