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Good Gear: a Graphic Demonstration

Thursday, January 19th, 2012

This is quite a selection of gear from the Mad Duo. Raven Concealment, 5.11 Tactical, LED Lenser, Darrel Ralph Knives, Tactical Tailor, Bravo 5, Legion Firearms, T.I.E. Tactical, Warrior Wound Care, I.C.E. Training, SAR Global Tools and of course…butter, 5-hour energy, B12 energy powder, butter from Kokomos, Tabasco, OC spray and miscellaneous other things (like used family planning devices).

Only at a Vegas SHOT Show eh?

Tactical Fanboy: Quite an eclectic mix of gear and...condiments?

Ninja Force 17

Sunday, January 8th, 2012

Nobody even knew they really existed until Raven Concealment called ’em on it.’

Just goes to show, nothing is sacred and nothing is secret. If you’re a douche-waffle, someone will eventually call you on it.

Not saying this prime specimen of warriorhood is a douche-waffle. He looks harder than woodpecker lips. Just saying, Ninja Force 17 is out there. We haven’t seen anyone this bad ass since Dog the Bounty Hunter gave up his training billet with CAG.

Tactical Fanboy: Ninja Force 17 has been compromised.

Tactical Fanboy: Ninja Force 17 has been compromised.