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Wooden H&K MP7 Replica

Tuesday, July 18th, 2017

Jenni Edwards, a UK-based artist, creates highly detailed laser cut and laminated scale models of modern firearms. Her works include 2 models of the SCAR which are currently in the FNH Belgian HQ, as well as MP7 models which were produced for the UK’s Royal Armouries. The latter model is what’s currently available for sale via Edwards’ Etsy shop, ‘Splintersell’. The model is made of maple and birch, and features fully moving parts, including:

  • Removable magazine
  • Retractable buttstock
  • Retractable charging handle
  • Trigger which releases the hammer

    The model also features a functioning green dot sight, a removable suppressor, and weapon accurate markings.


    Thanks to ‘Allen’ for the tip!

  • Anatomically Correct Chocolate Skulls

    Sunday, November 15th, 2015

    A line of edible skulls

    BlackChocolateCo on Etsy is selling anatomically accurate, life-size Belgian chocolate skulls. The skulls are hand cast from a mold taken from a genuine human skull, and are dusted in fine cocoa powder in a sterile environment and will be edible for up to 6 months. The skulls are available in the following flavors:

    – Dark chocolate
    – Chilli chocolate
    – Milk Chocolate


    Viking Ship Fire Pit

    Wednesday, June 10th, 2015

    Viking Ship Fire Pit - Copy

    Available on etsy is this one-of-a-kind Viking Ship Fire Pit. Made from 17 gage metal, it is approximately 40″ x 16″. The shields on the pit are detailed with axes, and the pit can further be customized with the customer’s name in the symbol on the sail if requested.


    Fanmade Immortan Joe Respirator Mask

    Monday, May 25th, 2015


    Looking to cosplay as Fury Road’s Immortan Joe in the near future? Then you might want to consider a “Skull Respirator Half Mask” currently available on Etsy. Made from cold cast aluminum fiberglass with resin and rubber parts, it comes with an adjustable elasticated strap, and foam padding on the inside.

    Build time is 4-5 weeks due to increased demand, but it looks worth the wait.



    Tuesday, August 13th, 2013


    This silicone Brazilian-style micro bikini is a creation of BloodlustProductions on Etsy. They also made a NECRONOMIWALLET, if you don’t mind holding your money and credit/debit cards in the book of the dead.


    Boba Fett Apron

    Thursday, April 25th, 2013


    HauteMessThreads on Etsy has available this Boba Fett-inspired cooking apron. It’s 100% cotton and features a 2.5 inch brown waistband, halter style straps that tie at the neck, and two functioning pockets. Each apron is made-to-order and one size fits most. It’s part of a larger collection of villain-inspired aprons called, appropriately enough, ‘Grillain Villains’.


    Presidents Day

    Monday, February 18th, 2013


    Today is Presidents Day, AKA the third Monday in February celebrated in honor of George Washington’s birthday. In recognition of this, I present this image of a zombie-fightin’ Washington as done by the always entertaining sharpwriter on Etsy.


    Vice Holster

    Sunday, September 16th, 2012

    fourChamberForge’s Vice Holster is a hand made top leather grade shoulder holster that allows one to carry both a pack of cigarettes and a flask on their person. Alternative holster options include a wallet holster and smartphone holster, if your not a smoker or a drinker, and are completely interchangeable via the back screw rivets, which allow for any combination of the available hostlers. As an added bonus, every holster comes with a 6oz. stainless steel flask.

    Sized to fit most; custom dying and detailing available for an additional fee.

    Etsy – fourChamberForge – Vice Holster (cigarettes and flask)

    Laser Cut Puzzle Firearm

    Sunday, June 10th, 2012

    Laserist on Etsy has created a couple of cool laser cut puzzles that form into models of firearms when completed. Seen above is the Uzi (not shown is the .357 magnum revolver). Their puzzles can take anywhere from a few minutes to four hours to work out, based on their complexity. Also available is a military Humvee and submarine.


    Ghostbusters Proton Backpack Movie Prop Replica

    Saturday, April 21st, 2012

    Etsy shop VikingProps has this highly detailed Proton Backpack Prop for sale, based on those seen in the Ghostbusters movies. It’s constructed from unspecified metal, wood, and plastic with weathered paint and decals and is true to scale. What really caught my eye, however, is that it’s built using an A.L.I.C.E. pack frame. As the video below shows, the Proton Pack can also be upgraded with full lights and sounds, making it quite possibly the ultimate Ghostbusters Cosplay accessory.

    Ghostbusters Proton Backpack Movie Prop Replica – Etsy.com