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Magpul – 2016 Calendar

Monday, August 31st, 2015


Magpul has just finished photography on the upcoming 2016 calendar, and is now working on choosing the best shots and formatting for the final product. It’s still a few months out, but Magpul has provided a behind the scenes video of the photoshoot:

Plus, if you use the Add To Wishlist option on the product page, you’ll receive an email when they calendars are available for purchase, and you will receive a special offer for 10% off your entire order when you add the calendar to your cart.


Kage Ninja Gear

Sunday, August 30th, 2015


Kage Ninja Gear is a company that sells high-quality ninja uniforms designed for actual Ninjistu use. Made of 14oz cotton, the uniform consists of the gi, special trousers with double waist ties, standard gauntlets, a black belt, and a custom designed 1-piece mask.

The uniforms are offered in XS-XXL, and most components can also be purchased separately.


Thirty Seconds Out – Green Angel Flat Brim Cap

Saturday, August 29th, 2015


Like the band Slightly Stoopid? Like flat brim caps? Then this is the hat for you. Thirty Seconds Out made a few for the band, and are selling a rest to the headwear-inclined public. It features a flat brim, with a rasta green angel on the front panel, and a mesh rear with ‘Thirty Seconds Out’ embroidered on the back.


The Destruction Of 2000 Cartridges

Friday, August 28th, 2015

The title says it all. Pretty impressive display.

Sightmark Introduces ReadyFire Pistol Laser Series

Thursday, August 27th, 2015


MANSFIELD, TEXAS) – Sightmark is proud to unveil the complete ReadyFire Pistol Laser Series lineup, giving shooters the ultimate advantage with four different units; the R5, CR5, G5, and CG5. Each model in this lightweight series of pistol lasers features an ambidextrous digital switch activation, as well as continuous and pulsing operation modes. The ReadyFire series offers units with a red laser (R5 or CR5) and green laser (G5 or CG5). The R5 and G5 ReadyFire models fit both compact and subcompact pistols. The CR5 and CG5 units are compatible with full size and compact pistols. Sightmark ReadyFire Pistol Lasers are designed for when seconds count and there is no time to find your sights in the dark.

The lightweight, streamlined G5 laser mounts between the trigger guard and muzzle of any railed handgun, decreasing snag points. Visibility for the G5 and CG5 extend to 50 yards during the day and an impressive 600 yards at night. The ReadyFire G5 is energized by a CR2 battery and features two modes, continuous and pulsing, to increase battery life up to 15 hours.

The Sightmark ReadyFire R5 Pistol Laser is a compact, lightweight sighting system that’s designed to fit any compact pistol with a weaver or picatinny mount. The visible red laser on the R5 has built-in windage and elevation adjustments and is energized by two AG13 batteries. The R5 also features a continuous and pulsing operation mode to increase battery life up to 10 hours. The ReadyFire CR5 Pistol Laser is designed with an integral weaver mount and is the ideal laser sighting system for any shooting scenario. The R5 and CR5 provide up to 300 yards of visibility at night and up to 20 yards in daylight.


Hazard 4 – Battle-T

Wednesday, August 26th, 2015


The Battle-T is a shirt made from a quick-dry synthetic material designed for wear in hot climates and under vests. The sleeves are made of heavy-duty nylon, and feature Velcro panels for use of an ID or morale patch.

Available in sizes XS-2XL, colors Black and Coyote Tan.


Black Rhino Concealment

Wednesday, August 26th, 2015

Black Rhino Concealment

Black Rhino Concealment is a Veteran-owned and operated business which manufactures custom kydex holsters for over 80 handgun models, as well as magazine carriers. Their holster offerings include the TCS – Tactical Carrier System, a 90/10 mold holster which can be worn either outside the wasteband or inside with the IWB Conversion Kit, which is included with every holster at no additional charge. Aside from also offering the TCS with the option to support a pistol-mounted light, Black Rhino offers a concealed carry specific holster, as well as a trigger guard holster. The holsters can be ordered specified for left or right hand carry, as well as with various cants, and custom colors.

As a special offer to Tactical Fanboy readers, you can take 10% off your order by using the discount code tacfanboy at checkout.


Every Jason Statham Punch. Ever.

Tuesday, August 25th, 2015

Have you ever wondered how many punches Jason Statham has thrown through his various on-screen appearances? Well, YouTube channel Burger Fiction did, and as a result they put together this video showcasing every single time Statham has thrown a punch in a movie.

Cycop – BiTool On Kickstarter

Monday, August 24th, 2015


BiTool is a multi-function tool which combines the characteristics of a screwdriver, ratchet wrench, and magnet into a single unit with a small form factor. The body contains either a 5 bit or 10 bit kit, depending on purchaser options, that have a variety of tools that attach to the ratchet-like head.

Check out the Kickstarter campaign at: www.kickstarter.com/projects/cycop-life/bitool-best-integrated-tool-to-ease-your-daily-lif

Hardcore Hardware Australia – MILF Knife

Sunday, August 23rd, 2015


An industry friend pointed out an amusingly named knife from Hardcore Hardware Australia, the MILF. The MILF is a frame lock folding knife with a 3.45″ modified drop point blade made of CPM S30V steel. The frame is made of 420 stainless steel, with G10 handle scales, which are available in both Black and Desert. As expected, the MILF also comes with a 420 stainless steel reversible pocket clip.


Bastion – EDC Gentleman’s Gear – Gentleman Stainless Steel EDC Comb

Saturday, August 22nd, 2015

Bastion EDC

The Gentleman Stainless Steel EDC Comb is part of Bastion’s EDC Gentlemen’s Gear line. Made of polished, hand brushed stainless steel, this comb is virtually unbreakable, and features a 1″ diameter on the pocket clip for fitting through any gear or loop, in addition to sporting a 3/8″ lanyard hole. Seems like the perfect comb for grooming any operator-grade beard.


Here’s A Reminder About The Ongoing AEX Flash Sale

Friday, August 21st, 2015


Looking to score some high-end airsoft guns and gear on the cheap? Then you’ll want to take advantage of Airsoft Extreme’s ongoing Flash Sale! Starting August 14th and lasting through the 28th, log on to AEX each day and find savings of up to 50% on airsoft guns, gear, and more! Each deal lasts just one day, and is subject to availability, so if you see something you like, go for it quick! And if you don’t, well, there’s always the next day.


SLICK Stabilizer – A Motorized GoPro Steadicam On Kickstarter

Thursday, August 20th, 2015

The SLICK is a motorized stabilizer specifically designed for GoPro cameras. Weighing only .66 lbs, the SLICK is lightweight for its function, and attaches to any GoPro mounting slot. It is weatherproof, and fits every model GoPro from the 3 onwards with waterproof or skeleton housing. It also comes with a removable rechargeable battery with a run time of 2 hours.


The Martian Trailer

Wednesday, August 19th, 2015

Looks pretty good.

Crosman Announces National Field Target Competition Series

Tuesday, August 18th, 2015


BLOOMFIELD, New York (August 14, 2015) Crosman Corporation, the world leader in the design and manufacture of airguns for hunting, recreation and competitive shooting, has partnered with the American Airgun Field Target Association (AAFTA) to create the Crosman National Field Target Series. The Series is open to AAFTA participants using Crosman or Benjamin rifles and pistols in competition and will kick off in October with the start of the 2015-16 season.

“The Crosman National Series is an exciting points competition that recognizes participation while rewarding performance,” said Chip Hunnicutt, Marketing Manager for Crosman. “Crosman has hosted the USA’s second largest field target event for the past six years and the CNS is a natural evolution of the company’s support of this fun and exciting sport.”

AAFTA sanctions events across the country, all conducted by Member Clubs and featuring divisions and classes for a variety of shooting styles. Shooters must successfully knock down targets placed at ranges from 10 to 55 yards with kill zones from 3/8” to 1.5” in diameter. Larger regional matches are featured in the AAFTA Grand Prix and the season culminates late in the year with the AAFTA National Championship. Participants in the Crosman National Series will rank based upon their cumulative scores throughout the year with bonus points awarded for shooting in Grand Prix events, the National Championship and the Crosman All-American Field Target Championship.

“Field Target is not unlike 3-D Archery or Golf in that every course is different and that’s a major draw for folks looking for an alternative to punching paper on a range,” says Hunnicutt. “Crosman products are popular for their affordability, accuracy and overall performance, all reasons why they’re a great choice for field target competition.”

The Crosman National Series will offer AAFTA Member Clubs access to featured products to boost their local shooting programs and additional discounts for advertising their events. The top three finishers in the Rifle and Pistol disciplines will be awarded product gift certificates and free entry to the Crosman All-American.

“Crosman has supported AAFTA for many years and we are excited to have an industry leader step up to help grow the sport of Field Target,” said Leo Duran, AAFTA Chairman. “This program will benefit our members and match participants, so we invite shooters of all levels to come out and try Field Target!”

To learn more about AAFTA and the sport of Field Target, please visit aafta.org.

Snake River Shooting Products and Consulting Inc. Announces Drone Munition Now Shipping

Monday, August 17th, 2015

Last time I featured anti-drone shotshells on this site, they were a joke. But now, Snake River Shooting Products is producing real anti-drone shotshells. The full release can be read below:

Emmett, Idaho (August 2015)- Snake River Shooting Products and Consulting Inc. (SRSP) is excited to announce Drone Munition shot shell based defense rounds are now shipping. The rounds are a 12 gauge 3″ shot shell solution aimed at defending against drone-based privacy concerns and terror!

Drones, or light quad-copters, are one of the best-selling new gadgets on the market, and were among the top new Christmas gifts given in 2014.

Stories about drones are hitting the news daily in both positive and negative light. While a great product idea, unfortunately, drones have a tremendous potential for misuse and these misuses have been happening more and more frequently. With the ability to carry on board cameras, drones have been and are being used for spying on unsuspecting neighbors and others without their permission. With little regulation surrounding drone use, there is much confusion about what a person may do to defend against drone threats.

Recently, a gentleman shot down a drone that was spying on his daughter sunbathing near their pool in the backyard. There is an ongoing investigation as to whether it was a legal area to discharge a short range firearm. With this in mind, it is imperative the laws of proper firearm use are followed when using this product.

Anti-drone ammo

In addition to privacy concerns, drones can endanger people with weapons or explosives mounted to them. Recently a man announced and demonstrated in a YouTube video how he had mounted a GLOCK pistol to a drone and devised a system that allowed him to remotely fire it. Drones have also been documented flying dangerously close to commercial aircraft, and the threat is becoming more and more real for them to be used for acts of terrorism.

Drone Munition was created to provide defense against the danger caused when drones are misused. Drone Munition is lead free, safe for the environment and provides a very high quality load that will effectively disable a drone encroaching your property’s airspace. As a side note, the round also makes for a very high end hunting load for ducks, geese or turkeys.

Our friends at Lucky Gunner will be carrying the Drone Munition loads in both 2 shot and BB. Ammo can be purchased by visiting www.luckygunner.com. Several distributors including Axelson Tactical and Texas Ammo Group will be carrying Drone Munition. Dealers can reach out to these distributors or directly to our office to track down this great new product. SRSP will also be offering a line of merchandise to include T-shirts, targets and hats featuring the Drone Munition brand.

SRSP, who already manufactures Lone Survivor Marcus Luttrell’s Team Never Quit ammunition line, sees the Drone Munition line as a fantastic compliment to its products. “We are very excited to be manufacturing a product focused on defending our freedoms. We see this line as a game changer in the industry and as an important defense against rising threats to our way of life,” stated Casey Betzold, president of Snake River Shooting Products.

NERF Rival Line – Behind The Scenes

Sunday, August 16th, 2015

I haven’t seen these yet, but I’ll have to pick up a few for myself. They look pretty interesting.

All Ninja Gear

Saturday, August 15th, 2015

All Ninja Gear

If you’re a current or aspiring ninja, then you might want to check out the All Ninja Gear website. It’s a one-stop-shop for all kinds of ninja tools and edged weapons.


Enter The Gungeon

Friday, August 14th, 2015

Ok, so it might be a bit too early to be talking about this game, since it’s slated for a 2016 release and there’s not a whole lot of info out about it yet, but it looks interesting enough: guns, a gungeon, anthropomorphic bullets that shoot guns (they’re called the Gundead), tables you can flip to block bullets shot from guns, and a gun that can kill the past. Looks right up my alley.

I’ll be keeping my eye out for this one.



World Of Guns: Gun Disassembly

Thursday, August 13th, 2015

World of Guns: Gun Disassembly is an in-depth firearms assembly simulator which features high quality 3D models of a fair number of real-world firearms, with more being added over time. The player can fully disassemble the firearm, look at its operation and function through multiple levels of x-ray, and can even test it out on a virtual range. Plus, the developers have also added in a few vehicles, and the skeletal structures of multiple animals, human included.

It’s free-to-play, but additional content will cost money.


Lynn Thompson’s Special Projects – Tactical Katana Machete

Wednesday, August 12th, 2015


Lynn Thompson’s Special Projects, a division of Cold Steel, has released the Tactical Katana Machete. Made of 1055 carbon steel, it features a full tang, a solid steel tsuba (handguard), and an injection over-molded polymer handle.

Weight: 35.2 oz.
Blade Thickness: 2.8 mm
Blade Length: 24″
Overall: 36 1/4″
Handle: 12 1/4″ Long. Polypropylene
Steel: 1055 Carbon Steel w/ Black Baked-On Anti Rust Matte Finish
Sheath: Cor-Ex Sheath


Prepare For The Upcoming AEX Flash Sale!

Tuesday, August 11th, 2015


Looking to score some high-end airsoft guns on the cheap? Then you’ll want to take advantage of Airsoft Extreme’s upcoming Flash Sale! Starting August 14th and lasting through the 28th, log on to AEX each day and find savings of up to 50% on airsoft guns. Each deal lasts just one day, and is subject to availability, so if you see something you like, go for it quick! And if you don’t, well, there’s always the next day.

Mark your calendars, and just to be sure, there will be a few more reminders the day of the sale and throughout so you’ll know not to miss the savings.


Fantastic Four (1994) Trailer

Monday, August 10th, 2015

Rather than waste your money watching the terrible Fant4stic AKA ‘the cruddy Fantastic Four movie Fox had to make to retain the film rights’, you can watch the ‘hilariously under budgeted Roger Corman Fantastic Four movie that had to be made to retain the film rights’ on YouTube for free, just look around. Here’s the trailer to give you an idea of what you’re up for, should you choose to watch it.

Bad Axe Throwing On Kickstarter

Sunday, August 9th, 2015

Described as “…like darts, but on steroids”, Bad Axe Throwing is exactly what it sounds like: hurling hand axes into chunks of target wood. Bad Axe Throwing is a quickly growing sport in Canada, and the creators are looking to expand into the USA, Australia, and Europe, so they’ve turned to Kickstarter to realize this goal.


Dumpbox – Top Gun “Holy S*** It’s Viper” Morale Patch And Sticker Sets

Saturday, August 8th, 2015

Top Gun Patch

The folks at Dumpbox are big fans of Top Gun, so in celebration of the film they’ve produced a patch and sticker set depicting the “Holy S*** It’s Viper” scene from the film.


Top Gun Sticker