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Cyberbots Binoculars

Saturday, May 28th, 2011

Juan Pablo Lasa developed this concept art for binoculars that transform into a robot ala Transformers. I could totally see this guy fitting in with the old 80’s cartoon, probably as a Decepticon. After all, Megatron transformed into a pistol and Soundwave turned into a microcassette recorder.

gigowatts (Spanish)

Carbine Crossbow

Monday, May 23rd, 2011

Youtuber WeaponCollector has designed a carbine crossbow* and is building it from simply constructed pieces of wood and metal. Just goes to show you how human ingenuity knows few bounds. And hey, Parts 2 and 3 are up already, so give them a look on his channel.

*Note: This video is for entertainment purposes only. I’m not responsible for any construction of the carbine crossbow or any ill-attempted William Tell-type scenarios that occur from use of said crossbow.

Super-Penetration Shovel

Thursday, May 19th, 2011

Honestly, I’m really posting this for the name. It completely caters to my often immature sense of humor. But, behind the silly title lies a pretty useful digging implement. The Super-Penetration Shovel *giggle* is all steel with a tapered point blade and fully sharpened sides. It’s designed for digging in hard, compacted, or heavy clay-like soils. It also comes with an optional rubber foot pad, which rests on either the left or right, and a 10-in Mill file, to keep your shovel extra sharp. Plus, it’s made in the USA, which I always like to see.

You can get yours from garrettwade.com.

TOPS/Buck CSAR-T Responder

Thursday, May 19th, 2011

From the collaborative efforts of TOPS knives and Buck knives comes the CSAR-T (Combat Search & Rescue Tool) series of knives. This particular model is the Responder. A folding blade, the CSAR-T Responder features a 3 1/2 inch TOPS/Buck blade made of 420HC stainless steel with a Zirblast finish, with a notch for bending wire among other small tasks. The handle, made from textured black G-10, can be used as a glass breaker and includes a seat belt cutter as well as a hex tool. The CSAR-T Responder comes with a heavy-duty nylon sheath, which is M.O.L.L.E compatible, and weighs 7 oz. (9.3 oz with the sheath). It’s an excellent choice for first responders who need a reliable and versatile tool in their line of work.

Micro-Plus EX 9-In-1 Multi-Tool

Wednesday, May 4th, 2011

This multi-tool by Swiss+Tech features nine tools and folds into a compact size that fits on a key chain. It features, pliers, a wire cutter, wire stripper, wire crimper, bottle opener, and both #1 and #2 flat and Phillips head screwdrivers, which meet ANSI standards. The Micro-Plus EX also features Swiss+Tech’s patented quick release mechanism and is constructed entirely from stainless steel. For the price, this isn’t a bad option if you’re looking for a decent multi-tool, although the lack of a blade and a few other multi-tool standbys is a noticeable flaw.

You can get the Micro-Plus EX from thinkgeek.com.

The Chinese Entrenching Tool

Sunday, May 1st, 2011

This may prove to be the most entertaining 8:46 of your life, or the most terrifying if you consider the Chinese hoard all armed to the teeth with these shovels. It slices, it dices, it juliennes. Truth be told, a couple of the features such as the “scissor” and nail puller are pretty cool, but music and effects make this one worth the price of admission. Make sure you stay long enough to see the entrenching tool museum.

Fanboy note: Where can I get one of these?

This article was originally posted on Soldier Systems Daily.

Tuff Writer Tactical Pens

Monday, April 25th, 2011

Looking to trade up from your standard space pen? Then you may want to give one of these these a look. Tuff Writer tactical pens are made from oversized stock 6061-T6 aluminum which is hard anodized to Mil-A-8625 “F” standards. In addition, they are designed to write in the most extreme conditions, specifically in altitudes upward to 12,500 feet, in temperatures ranging from -30 to 250 degrees Fahrenheit and underwater. The pens feature both a sharp and rounded end, with uses ranging from a defensive implement to a PDA stylus. Also, each pen uses a standard Fisher Space Pen cartridge, so they’re easy to refill. Simply put, these are some amazing writing implements.

Visit tuffwriter.com to check out the full product line, local retailers, and to order online.

Hardcore Hardware Australia

Friday, April 8th, 2011

From a land down under comes Hardcore Hardware’s new Tomahawk. Crafted from coated D2 tool steel, the handle is wrapped in 550 cord and comes with a nylon MOLLE compatible sheath. This is brand new on the market and looks to be built with a severe dosage of arse-kickery involved.

Originally posted on Soldier Systems Daily.

Mythbusters Season Premiere Tonight

Wednesday, April 6th, 2011

Just a quick reminder that the new season of Mythbusters premieres tonight, April 6th, at 9pm Eastern on the Discovery Channel. It’s worth a mention if only for all the explosions and firearms that have appeared in the past seasons. Personally, I’m hoping for a lot more of the same!

Machete Slingshot

Wednesday, March 30th, 2011

Looking like something out of a action-packed B-movie*, this machete slingshot/crossbow is damn near the coolest, if ‘WTF?’ worthy, DIY project I’ve seen on Youtube. And this is but one of many amazing slingshots from the mind of JoergSprave and his ‘The Slingshot Channel’. But why would he go through the trouble of building something this impractically awesome? It was in response to a challenge from the Youtube community A.K.A. because he could. At least this proves when we run out of bullets, and we want something a bit more intimidating than arrows to launch from our bows, large blades are always an option.

*Attention Robert Rodriguez: Here’s something to consider for the eventual Machete sequel.

Gerber Bear Grylls Parang

Sunday, March 27th, 2011

The Gerber Bear Grylls Parang is a parang machete which features an angled blade made from high carbon steel, full tang construction, a textured rubber grip, and a lanyard cord attached to the grip for additional security. It stores in a nylon sheath which is ‘military-grade’ and mildew resistant. In addition, the sheath also has land to air rescue instructions and SOS sewn to the outside, and you also receive a pocket guide of Bear’s survival essentials.

I bought one yesterday for clearing some vegetation in my yard. Not the original intention for the blade, I’m sure, but I did find it’s not very sharp. Not a good quality for something meant for survival. It might be alright on zombies, though, since their flesh is already starting to decay.

You can check it out at: http://bear.gerbergear.com/gear/parang/

A Creditor You Might Actually Want In Your Wallet

Thursday, February 24th, 2011

You may remember when I wasn’t totally impressed with the CardSharp by Iain Sinclair. Granted, that was in the context of its use against zombies, but even without this handicap I’m still not gaga about it. However, it’s not the only knife that folds into a credit card sized shape, and at least this one looks rugged enough to be somewhat useful. Meet The Creditor. Like the CardSharp, it folds and it’s a knife. But that’s pretty much where the similarities end. To be specific, The Creditor is actually marketed as a money clip that doubles as a knife. It’s also made of carbon fiber, D2 tool steel, and titanium. Not too shabby. Plus, it won knife maker John Kubasek an award for Most Innovative Knife Design, so that must count for something. It’s still too short to be an effective anti-zombie weapon, but you can always throw the $20 bills clipped to its side as a distraction.

You can get yours here.