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MilSim Event Review of WT Tactical

Monday, December 5th, 2011

Some of the guys from MSE went out hunting for some piggies, doing some four-wheeling and basically just spending three days in the mountains proving that adage about men and boys and the price of their toys. Check it out. The actual reviewing is at about 3:20 and 6:16, but if you want to just feel bad that you didn’t get to go play and they did then watch the whole thing.

Voodoo Tactical’s “Matrix” Pack

Thursday, December 1st, 2011

MilSim Event (we reported on their upcoming Reindeer Games a while back) did a review of the Voodoo Matrix pack. Now, what’s interesting about this review is the guy doing the synopsis isn’t just a MilSim enthusiast. He’s a

Voodoo Tactical Matrix Pack

former grunt and current LEO. Check it out.

Multiple Applications Group Giveaway

Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

The Multiple Applications Group “M7 MilSim Unit” is giving away a tactical rig once they reach 500 ‘likes’ on Facebook. Here’s their explanation:

Here’s the rig in question, followed by an explanation of their group. If you go check them out, tell ’em Tactical Fanboy sent you.

“Consisting of current and former Military, IC’s, and Civilians, Multiple Applications Group is a collective of professionals taking a combined 40+ years experience in ‘Extreme Applications’ and applying the knowledge to scenario preparation, training elements, product testing/review, and delivery of experienced advice.

Extreme: Reaching a high or the highest degree.
Application: The act of putting something to use.

We are faced with Extreme Applications on a daily basis. Whether driving in a bad storm, fast roping from a helo under fire, or pushing for that last mile in a marathon. It is something we face in our daily lives yet we rarely prepare for. It is in that moment when ill preparation meet with an outstanding circumstance that we choose to excel or let consume us.”

Ft. Hood Triple MOUT: Opn Reindeer Games X

Friday, November 25th, 2011

Lotta folks have been to Ft. Hood over the years, military, dependents and civilians. A LOT of troops, considering it’s been around since WWII. Not everyone liked it, of course, but it is a soldier’s right to complain. Here in just a couple weeks you can spend the weekend there, get in a hell of a fight, then come home; and you won’t be complaining. It’s Operation Reindeer Games 10. This one is being run by MilSim Event, to show you a good time AND to help out Toys for Tots. This year’s Reindeer Games will be held at the Ft. Hood Triple MOUT Facility on 07 DEC 11. From the SIGINT and HUMINT we’ve been able to gather, there will be a number of shooters at this operation from Texas (obviously) but also from Oklahoma, Louisiana and other states. The background detail is pretty impressive. In fact, it seems had to believe they’ll be able to pack all of it into a one-day shoot-fest. MilSim Event is a relatively young MilSim organization that has made quite mark on the MilSim world in just a short period of time. They’ve run a number of very successful operations with many notable features (like having shooters in a helicopter making gun runs over the guys on the ground). More information below. Note that you gotta have biodegradable BBs, proper uniform and a toy for Toys For Tots. Missing any of those things, you might as well not even come through the main gate.

FORT HOOD, Texas - Soldiers assigned to A Troop, 1st Squadron, 9th Cavalry Regiment, 4th Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division training at Ft. Hood.


Impact Games and Island Foxes

Friday, November 18th, 2011

So, the MilSim hottie (hotty?) we ran earlier is apparently one of the Island Foxes of Hawaii. She and a mouth-watering array of other girls and gear can be found on the Impact Games website. Looks like they supply a wide range of kit and do some custom work as well.

Dare we say it? ALOHA ALINA!

MilSim Airsoft Hotness

Friday, November 18th, 2011

Edit: this is Christine Mendoza, of Impact Games. Thanks for letting us know!

Magpul PTS: Only from Spartan Imports…and the Masada is coming

Monday, November 14th, 2011

We got the word from the gentlemen guys over at Spartan Imports that the upcoming Magpul PTS Masada AKM (an airsoft replica of the 7.62 x 39mm variant of the Magpul Masada) is on the way and will be available in time for Christmas. If you’re into MilSim at all you probably already know who Spartan is, but if not then you should check them out. They’re a family operated MilSim Airsoft operation out west (in California, in fact, though try not to hold that against them). They are the sole authorized distributors of PTS by Magpul: PTS is Professional Training & Simulation, which was established in 2007 to meet the high demand for airsoft-compatible Magpul accessories. For those of you who use airsoft weaponry as a training tool, this allows for realistic and accurate weapons and attachments for your scenarios and other training iterations. Of course, they look good for civilian sport use too. As Magpul says, “By maintaining the same basic form and function as Magpul weapon components, PTS equipment allows users to safely practice drills and perform scenarios without the use of live weapons or ammunition.”

Spartan Imports is the only US distributor of Magpul PTS products (including all accessories, the ACR /Advanced Combat Rifle, and the FPG/Folding Pocket Gun). Now, these guys can be overachievers…personally we blame the boss, though it’s entirely possible his little brother is equally to blame. Anyway, because of that you have several related Facebook pages to check out:



Here are some pictures of PTS furniture on a good training weapon. Stay tuned if you want to see some info and pictures of the Masada (they’re already carrying rails and some other pieces for it). There are a few out but we’ve been promised some additional shots. More to follow. Here are some shots of the Magpul Professional Training & Simulation kit:

Battle for Liberty Begins Tomorrow

Friday, October 28th, 2011

MilSim Event has once again set up a hell of ride for those of you into shooting the hell out of each other. They’ve once again staged an operation in Liberty Village at Camp Gruber, Oklahoma (just a few minutes out of Muskogee; Camp Gruber has an awesome MOUT facility, the same one that used to host the Bold Lightning Urban Warfare School). There’s something like 30 structures there, some nice rat-infested sewers to clear and a five story hotel that’s damn near a platoon sized objective (well, depending on the OPFOR of course). A little trivia: Camp Gruber used to be home to several divisions, and during WWII it held several thousand POWs from Rommel’s Afrika Korps.  Until a few years ago it was home to the DEA’s “Narc Assault” Air Assault/STABO school, then the National Homeland Security Training Center (thousands of police, fire and military ran through exercises there). At one time it actually had a small MOUT area set up below a huge, emtpy underground cistern that almost nobody knows is still there.

Anyway, we digress. This is from their website:

Milsimevent.com Presents
Battle for LIBERTY

Part 1, The Cookson Hills Raid
Camp Gruber – Gore, Ok
October 29th 2011

The Battle for LIBERTY Milsim Series at the MOUT sites in the Camp Gruber training facility is here. Part 1, The Cookson Hills Raid will be the first of 5 in this annual series. Part 1 will set the stage for how the series will be fought, it will introduce you to a new style of MOUT game mechanics along with all the Areas of Operation, refined milsim rule sets what the game will demand from you, your squad, platoon and army…

Coalition forces will be deployed on a continuous 8 hour operation in an area of the Cookson hills where insurgency has more than set in. This is the breeding ground for the new wave in global terrorism. The mission has high known risks but the Brass needs a foothold in a town, codename MAC, just outside of the major urban area, codename CTF, where the insurgent populous has a strangle hold like no other in history. The CIA stays to the outskirts, never venturing in and the locals are scared to leave. There is no law and the rag tag local army is left alone unless they try to enforce laws. An entire SpecOp team went missing only a week earlier and now the Coalition forces will have to face the inevitable.

October 29, SATURDAY
Gate Open 630am
Checkin 7am
Chrono 730am
Briefing 8am
Game on at 9am
Game off at 5 pm
Raffle at 530pm
MOUT Cleanup 6pm
Gate Closes 730pm

Coalition Forces:
Quick Reaction Force – QRF: DCU 3 color Desert
Expeditionary Force – EF: Tan Flightsuit
International Force – IF: Desert DPM, Tiger or Fleck
Plain Tan or Matching Camo covers on Helmets
(Entire Squad must match camo pattern & Headgear)
90 slots

Transitional National Army:
Transitional National Army – TNA: Woodland Only
Green Hats or Helmets
(Missmatching of headgear is OK)
40 slots

Insurgent Forces:
Nationalist Faction – Non Camo
Seperatist Faction – Non Camo
Non Camo = Non contractor, NON HSLD looks. Black clothes and Jeans preferred
No Helmets, A Shemagh Cover will be provided by MSE
(No matching or wearing of like team uniforms)
80 slots

CIA Combat Operatives
Coyote pants, Black TRU top, Black Helmet
10 (Application Only)

Range Control:
Coyote pants, Black top, RED Plate Carrier, RED hat for MSE Staff
ACU or Multicam for OKARNG

Uniform Note:
This is an active United States Military base that trains all service branches. Absolutely no ACU, Multicam and USMC MARPAT in Desert or Woodland. These are considered garrison and active duty uniforms and will not be worn by any milsim player during this event. Please honor our service men and women by complying. MSE and OKARNG has the right to refuse any player not in compliance.
*Strict uniform, hat, ammo, age, equipment and eyepro requirements apply to all players that enlist. Please read and Understand the requirements and standards that MSE set specific to each team and the overall game. Any color gear is allowed, no restrictions.

Enlistment OPENS September 23rd at NOON.
Enlistment CLOSES October 1st at NOON.
You have a two week window to enlist, first come first served. Payment with enlistment is the ONLY way to secure a slot. 225 Slot Cap. The slots will sell out quickly, be prepared to enlist on the 23rd.


Standard Enlistment Fee:
$55 via Paypal, Link will open on September 23rd.

Range Rules:
US Army Rules and Regulations that MUST be followed:
No foreign Nationals
18 years + (Minors 13 to 17 years old require pre-approval)
Biodegradable BB’s Only. This is Mandatory.
NO HICAP or Winding Magazines. This is a Low or Midcap event.
Must have ID to enter the gate, State or federal issued ID; Drivers License, Passport, etc
Must be willing to submit SS for verification or background check if requested at anytime.
Littering is Prohibited, field strip all butts and pocket any trash you may generate or encounter in the AO.
No Fires or BBQ’s
This is a Federal Facility and we are guests, please act with respect and honor.

Proper uniform, this is the OP where you will be asked to leave and come back only when you have fixed the issue. Not joking, milsim means looking the part.
Everything you need for a 8 hour continuous; Lunch, water, snacks…Nothing will be provided onsite. Real Restrooms are available on the MOUT facility. BIO BB’s

No POV’s in the AO or MOUT Training Facility. All POV’s and passes will be approved through Range Control that morning. Parking will be as close as .5mi from the training facility. No tents, canopys are OK.

Custom Patch, Map and a raffle ticket for a modest raffle
A Specific Color pattern Shemagh will be provided to you if you are on the Insurgent side and is mandatory to wear in game.

Under 18 with approvals. Ages 13 through 17 require special conditions to be met and written permission from the MSE Staff. MSE Welcomes and encourages the Father Son Battle Buddy System. Reference this link. CLICKY HERE We request that all minors apply.

United States Military Traning Facility with MOUT CTF, MOUT MAC, Land Nav200. Parking and Latrines on site

We here at MSE can’t be more excited about this new series and unfortunately all other MOUT experiences will be no match. You, the milsim player have a choice. We know you demand and expect more from a milsim game. We aim to provide you the Finest MILSIMs in the world with the Oklahoma Invasion series and now the Battle for LIBERTY series. Together we will push the limits of Milsim Operations on Urban Terrain setting the bar once again for our passion, our sport, our life…

We invite you to http://www.milsimevent.com/forums/ for the latest, updated daily information and banter. *You must be a registered member of our forum to participate in posting, thanks for your understanding.*

More information to follow; Recon pictures of MOUT Sites, Maps, Aerial photos and more…

Spartan Imports Advises SCARs are in Stock

Monday, October 24th, 2011
Spartan Imports is advising us that VGC Licensed FN SCAR AEGs are now in stock. They’ve been around for a long time and not only have their fingers on the pulse of what goes on in the airsoft world, they are strong supporters and proponents of airsoft use in military and LE training. (We know this because one of your humble team of TFB fightin’ bloggers actually spent a very long week training with a couple of the Spartan boys and a number of LE/military personnel at a tactical school in Kansas City a couple years back).  Anyway, see below for the latest update from them.
PDF Print E-mail



Key Features:
CNC 8mm Gearbox
8mm steel bushings
Ball bearing spring guide
30000rpm high speed motor
Functional bolt catch
400fps with 0.20g BBs




Airsoft Extreme Max AEGs

Friday, October 21st, 2011

Airsoft Extreme has put together a couple of their “AE Max AEGs” using Classic Army AR001 M-Xs and a number of different Magpul MOE parts…like a kit bash in 1/1 scale for MilSim. Check ’em out, if you’re into that stuff. Some of you eeee-light team of tactical bloggers here didn’t used to be, until we attended an extremely arduous SWAT school and saw what an excellent training tool they can be. That put an end to the close-minded mockery of MilSim “wannabes” (well, most of it…sometimes it’s just too tempting not to make fun of the guys who take themselves too seriously).  It was just a short jump from there to doing it recreationally.

AE Max CA MOE Midlength Carbine (Tan)

  • [AR001M-X] CA M15A4 X Series – $275.00
  • [MPTS020DE] Magpul PTS MOE MIAD Grip DE – $25.99
  • [MPTS064DE] Magpul PTS MOE Midlength Handguard DE – $38.99
  • [MPTS021DE] Magpul PTS MOE CTR Stock DE – $59.99
  • [MPTS043DE] Magpul PTS PMAG M-Ver 120rd midcap DE – $21.99
  • [MTU012] UTG PRO Model 4/15 Quad Rail Gas Block – $29.99
  • [RTR30T] AMP Special Forces red dot – $68.99
Manufacturer Type Battery Type
Classic Army AEG Mini, custom LiPo or Nunchuck
Motor Fire Modes Avg FPS
CA High Power Semi/Full Auto 380-390
  • Manufactured by: AE Max Guns

AE Max CA MOE Midlength Carbine FOL

  • [AR001M-X] CA M15A4 X Series – $275.00
  • [MPTS020FOL] Magpul PTS MOE MIAD Grip FOL – $25.99
  • [MPTS064FOL] Magpul PTS MOE Midlength Handguard FOL – $38.99
  • [MPTS021FOL] Magpul PTS MOE CTR Stock FOL – $59.99
  • [MPTS043FOL] Magpul PTS PMAG M-Ver 120rd midcap FOL – $21.99 (Pictured with a black one)
  • [MTU012] UTG PRO Model 4/15 Quad Rail Gas Block – $29.99
  • [MPTS027FSFG] Magpul PTS MBUS (Back Up Sight) Front Sight FOL – $39.99
  • [MPTS027RSFG] Magpul PTS MBUS (Back Up Sight) Rear Sight FOL – $57.99
Manufacturer Type Battery Type
Classic Army AEG Mini, custom LiPo or Nunchuck
Motor Fire Modes Avg FPS
CA High Power Semi/Full Auto 380-390
  • Manufactured by: AE Max Guns

Watch for more MilSim news next week…we’ve got some awesome footage of a MilSim Event operation in Oklahoma that involved a beach landing, a whole island in the middle of a lake and a bunch of prior service shooters teaching tactics. Good stuff.

King Arms Colt M4 MOE

Saturday, September 17th, 2011

The King Arms Colt M4 MOE is an officially licensed Colt AEG airsoft rifle outfitted with authentic Magpul PTS accessories. It features a full metal barrel and internals including the full-metal gearbox with 7mm bearings and a high-torque motor. For those interested in exactly which Magpul parts are included, they are a MBUS flip-up rear sight, MOE hand guard, MOE pistol grip, MOE stock and a 360-round magazine modeled after the PMAG. At 7 lbs., it’s around the same weight as a real steel M4 which makes it great for training. Two models were released, one with black and one with tan accessories.

King Arms