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A Red, White, And Blue Plate Carrier Is Now Available From Mission Spec

Tuesday, April 12th, 2016


As a company that is happy to accept custom work orders we are asked, fairly consistently, if Mission Spec can build a Red, White, and Blue EOC plate carrier for novelty use. The answer is of course, yes. We have built many of these for different customers and are happy to do it. Customers wanting pricing information on a custom build such as this should use our website contact. It will speed up the process if you include your shipping address with the initial inquiry.

Please note that building a product in this color scheme dictates that we must use some non-MilSpec materials. In other words this specific item SHOULD NEVER be used in a life support capacity. It will also NOT come with our limited lifetime warranty. It is purely cosmetic and to be used only for novelty purposes.


Warrior Labs T&E Project Started

Monday, March 26th, 2012

Just an FYI, Warrior Labs is about to do a mixed-product T&E project. They’ve ordered from High Speed Gear, Inc., Off The Grid Concepts LLC and SHELLBACK TACTICAL to organize a “grab and go battle belt and plate carrier.” Review and photos will be forthcoming. You can follow Warrior Laboratories on Facebook or on line.

Extreme Gear Labs: The Micro Melly PC

Monday, December 26th, 2011

After the popularity of their Kiddie Plate Carrier (KPC), Extreme Gear Labs has released the Micro Melly PC. This itty bitty operator sized plate carrier, with foam SAPI plate insert, are sewn identically to real plate carriers except for scale (and they’re set up so they won’t actually accept plates, to prevent any accidents on the part of the phenomenally stupid). It was immediately described as

Tactical Fanboy: The Micro Melly from Extreme Design Labs

Operator kitted out in the Micro Melly from EDL

“better than a MultiCam onsie” once pictures were released. The exact amount of load capacity at this point is unknown and is likely dependent upon the size of the operator. Potential loadouts are projected to include a spare bottle, tactical bink (the word pacifier cannot be used to refer to gear like this), an emergency dash of baby powder and definitely some non permissive environment suitable butt wipes. There is a drag handle in the event of an exigent situation after cribside brawls.


Like the EGL Kiddo Plate Carrier, the Micro Melly is multi-Nerf hit rated.

Tactical Fanboy: The Micro Melly from Extreme Design Labs

The Micro Melly from Extreme Designs Labs

Tactical Fanboy: The Micro Melly from Extreme Design Labs

Rear view of the Micro Melly, with drag handle.

Tactical Fanboy: The Micro Melly from Extreme Design Labs

Tactical Fanboy: The Micro Melly from Extreme Design Labs

Tactical Fanboy: The Micro Melly from Extreme Design Labs

Side view of Micro Melly: pistol mags for size comparison...hand sanitizer or butt wipes are a more likely loadout.


ARES Armor Aspis Plate Carrier

Monday, October 10th, 2011

Instead of a complicated design with too many unnecessary bells and whistles, the ARES Armor Aspis Plate Carrier fuctions as a lightweight, low-profile armor carrier that also works well with PALS/MOLLE magazine pouches. The Aspis is constructed from durable 1000 D Cordura Nylon and features a drag handle, front and back loop Velcro, internal and external removable C-Buns, moisture wicking spacer mesh material, and fits plates sized small through large. It comes avaiable in any color you like, as long as the color you like is Black [or Coyote, MultiCam, A-TACS, and Olive Drab] and for an additional nominal fee you can have matching camouflage webbing to boot. Optional attachments include Shoulder Pads, Plate Carrier Silencers, and the ever popular Kangaroo Mag Pouch. If you’re salavating at the prospect of owning an Aspis, they’re currently avaiable for pre-order on Predator Armament, with an expected release date of October 24th.

ARES Armor
Predator Armament