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Two females sue to end combat ban in military

Thursday, May 24th, 2012

From Tactical Life

U.S Marine Corps Lance Cpl. Victoria Rogers jumps over a canal on her way to a school in Garmsir district, Helmand province, Afghanistan, April 30, 2011. Rogers, with the 1st Battalion, 3rd Marine Regiment Female Engagement Team, visited medical clinics and schools on a regular basis as part of the team’s efforts to interact with women in the community. (U.S. Marine Corps photo by Cpl. Colby Brown/Released)

Command Sergeant Major Jane Baldwin and Colonel Ellen Haring, both Army reservists, said policies barring them from assignments “solely on the basis of sex” violated their right to equal protection under the Fifth Amendment of the Constitution.

“This limitation on plaintiffs’ careers restricts their current and future earnings, their potential for promotion and advancement, and their future retirement benefits,” the women said in the suit filed in U.S. District Court.

U.S. Army 1st Sgt. Ed Hammond, center, reviews a prison assessment checklist with Spc. Nicole Meixner, right, at Joint Security Station Shield, Iraq, before going outside-the-wire to assess the conditions at a women?s prison in the Rusafa Prison Complex in Baghdad, Iraq, April 6, 2011. Hammond is a U.S. Forces – Iraq provost marshal office corrections assistance transition team first sergeant. Meixner assisted CATT on this mission because only women were allowed into the areas of the facility with female inmates. (U.S. Air Force photo by Senior Master Sgt. Larry Schneck/Released)

The Pentagon unveiled a new policy in February that opened up 14,000 more positions to women in the military. It still barred them from serving in infantry, armor and special-operations units whose main job is front-line combat. Women make up about 14.5 percent of active-duty military personnel. More than 800 women have been wounded and more than 130 killed in fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan, the lawsuit said.

Source: Ian Simpson for Reuters.

Original story here.

The Year in Special Operations

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012

“The Year in Special Operations” has been one of my favorite reads for a few years now, and if it’s a little skewed, it’s not more so than any of the regular military publications and it contains a lot of information you won’t get anywhere else (especially without doing a lot of research). I prefer reading the Amish way, on paper, but an electronic publication will do in a pinch. Check it out, it’s an excellent ‘magazine’.


Tactical Fanboy Whiskey-5 Over on Soldier Systems

Saturday, May 19th, 2012

Who Tactical Fanboy. The Lighter Side of Tactical. An unabashed Look at Tacticool.
It’s a part of the SolSys Group serving much the same readership as Soldier Systems Daily—though more during non-duty hours. Tactical Fanboy is written by a cadre of writers and gamers, including current and former military personnel, battle-hardened FPS game veterans and at least one homeless guy in an alley behind an internet cafe. The team is commanded by the ineffable Tactical Fanboy himself, spawn of the Editor at Soldier Systems Daily.

The elite (pronounced eeee-light) fighting blogger team at Tactical Fanboy writes about a wide array of things. From weapon and gear news to life skills, movie reviews and television previews, first person shooter game updates to op-ed pieces on everything that our demographic enjoys. To wit, guns, boobs, gear and intel…

Read the rest of the Whiskey-5 on Soldier Systems Daily.

Custom Kitbash Sale at Red Planet Toys

Thursday, May 17th, 2012

The Mad Duo (who have a new Facebook page for Breach-Bang-Clear now by the way) want you to know about this sale on custom figures at Red Planet Toys. The sale runs through Sunday the 20th.

Now, if you’re interested, check out the Duo page:

Happy Mother’s Day!

Sunday, May 13th, 2012

Originally, there was going to be a picture of a how woman here, but somehow that felt… wrong.

Thank you, Avatar Toy Armory

Wednesday, May 9th, 2012

In January Microsoft banned Avatar firearms from XBOX Live. Now with the Avatar Toy Armory on the Avatar Marketplace you can give the digital you a little something to fight the forces of evil with 22 different weapons from Voltron’s Blazing Sword to what appears to be an AK-74 with an M203 grenade launcher mounted on it.  In the mood for some dual wielding action?  The Toy Armory has you covered whether you want to show off your skills with dual Lightsabers, pistols, or Micro Uzis. The only drawback, all the real world weapons are colored like Nerf guns.  Oh, well I suppose if FPS Russia can pull it off, so can you.

The Avatar Toy Armory is available on XBOX Avatar Marketplace. Prices range from 160 to 400 Microsoft points. Don’t bother asking me how much that is in real money because I have no frak’n idea.


WWPS wants you to help save the Direwolves

Wednesday, May 9th, 2012


It’s funny…I always thought they’d be more fierce looking than this.

Bullet Chess Set

Sunday, May 6th, 2012

This chess set available from Olde World Collectables and Creations is made from red oak with two brass carrying handles, and uses spent .223 cartridges for the pieces; one side uses brass casings and the other uses steel casings. The pieces are detailed using a combination of cutting, curling, and wood burning and are also clear coated. Additionally, the company can and will make any customer a custom set in any cartridge they request.

Olde World Collectables – Bullet Chess Set

What’s your sign?

Saturday, May 5th, 2012

“If I’m standing on it, it’s America!”

One of my favorite characters from Action Figure Therapy is the jarhead, for obvious reasons.  Their newest video is up!

Steve Fisher running a Legion rifle

Tuesday, May 1st, 2012


Here’s Mr. Steve Fisher of Magpul Dynamics, giving a rundown of the Legion Firearms LF-15D with their hexagonal barrel ‘honeycombing’ and assorted furniture. Here’s some more information on the hex-fluted barrel, http://kitup.military.com/2012/03/hex-fluted-rifle-barrels-whys.html, and here’s more about the basic rifle. http://soldiersystems.net/2012/01/04/legion-firearms-lf-15d/

Good stuff, good shootin’.

The Mad Duo’s most recent SITREP

Monday, April 30th, 2012

from Kit Up! over the weekend.

The new issue of Recoil Magazine is out. If you haven’t read one yet, you really should. Plus, they love the Mad Duo. Just ask them. Picture courtesy of OneUp Design Lab.

The cake celebrating issue one's success. (They're gonna need a second cake, and if they wind up going monthly or even bi-monthly they'll all be fat asses).










MoH Warfighter and US Optics

Monday, April 30th, 2012

You see this on Soldier Systems Daily?

Starting May 14, TAC-TV will air back to back episodes on the Sportsman Channel and extended versions on TAC-TV.com with an inside look at the new Medal of Honor Warfighter game. LAV takes the developers and creative team to the range to get hands on time with guns from the game. Then the TAC-TV crew gets a behind the scenes look at the work going into making this the most authentic military shooter ever made. Using Tier 1 operators as consultants and partnering with premium firearm industry partners like LBT, Mechanix Wear, McMillan, SureFire, Trijicon, and LaRue Tactical.

Deadlight: Apocalypse of the 80s

Monday, April 30th, 2012

1986…Out of Africa wins Best Picture. Reagan sends bombers to make a point in Libya. The Russians in Chernobyl have a really bad day. The Goldwater-Nichols Act is signed into law. The radio is playing Lionel Richie, Klymaxx and Mr. Mister…and apparently there’s a zombie apocalypse.

Who knew?

Now for something a little different….

Monday, April 23rd, 2012

I like the show River Monsters. I wish I could tag along sometime, or at least throw some of the annoying neighbor kids out into the water with a goonch or one of the other critters. In the meantime I stumbled across something for those of you who like to go fishing without dynamite or field expedient explosive bait. It’s a video series, Hooked on Fishing the Golden Gate. There’s something like four volumes, and number four was named “Best Fishing Video in America” by the Outdoor Writers of America.

I’d still rather go fishing with EOD guys, but this will work in the meantime. More about it here.

Gratuitous hot girl with gun

Friday, April 20th, 2012

This may be one of the most awesome gratuitous hot girls with guns we’ve ever seen.

You’re welcome.

We'll forgive the fingers on the triggers this time.

Zombie Pig Morale Patch

Thursday, April 19th, 2012

I stumbled across this during the set-up phase of the Texas Tactical Police Officers Association Conference.

I like it.

What’s not to like about a zombie pig morale patch?







Stormtrooper wenches…

Tuesday, April 17th, 2012

Well, one of them. Nice outfit eh? The winds of Tatooine weren’t kind to her hair, but hey, that’s one of the dangers of the Mad Minute when you take the Emperor’s Coin.

Gang Fight

Monday, April 16th, 2012

Warning: graphic violence and language, but seriously…what is our society coming to?

How to look like you’re Special Forces

Saturday, April 14th, 2012

One thing this excellent article fails to mention is the beard…you have to grow a big beard, and you should grow your hair at least until it touches the top of your ears (see #3, which is good but could be expanded imho).

How to look like you’re Special Forces

by Anonymous, courtesy of BusinessWeek.com

1. First, go to EMS and buy the biggest watch you can find. A foreign special services officer asked me once whether we recruited guys based on the size of their watches or whether we bought everyone a big watch as a reward after training.

2. Cut the sleeves off your shirt. It’s hot in the Middle East, and guys would cut the sleeves off their operational uniforms. It makes sense in certain situations, but I had to tell my team, “Look, I know it’s hot, but I need you to meet safety parameters. You’re gonna get scratched.”

3. Make it your boss’s job to tell you to get a haircut and a shave.

Tactical Fanboy: You have to cut off your sleeves, grow a beard and wear a huge watch if you REALLY want to look like a steely-eyed Special Forces snake-eater.

4. Wear sunglasses. Everywhere. I’ll tell my team, “Hey, we’re inside. We can take off our sunglasses.” But they don’t.

5. Keep quiet. The baddest guys I know are also the quietest. The guy who’s talking about doing badass stuff? He’s probably not the biggest badass in the room. It’s a little like that guy on the football team who wears his letterman jacket all the time.

6. Never say “no.” Your first reaction has to be, “Yes, I can do that,” and then you figure out how. If the president asked me to go to the moon tomorrow, I’d say yes. Then I’d say, “I’ll need some training. And someone who can fly a rocket.” — As told to Brendan Greeley

Anonymous led teams in the Middle East and South Asia as a special forces officer.

The Honey Badger…does he care?

Friday, April 13th, 2012

The Honey Badger really does care.

His mom knows.

Different perspectives on the Honey Badger.

A breakdown of Alien lore and canon from the trailer

Tuesday, April 10th, 2012

This is a great scene by scene look at the Prometheus trailer, dissecting what you see and speculating about the visuals with respect to what we know from the first classic and later sequels.


Big News for Folders and Butterfly Knives: DDR’s New Pivot System

Saturday, April 7th, 2012

A little knife update from Swingin’ Dick and Slim.

We spent some time recently with the Auguste Rodin of knife building up in his double secret super foundry forge headquarters near Cincinnati and got to talk to The Man himself, Mr. Darrel Ralph of Darrel Ralph Designs. As you might expect, he’s got a lot of awesome in the works.

One of these is new developments is the NLT (No Lock Tite) Pivot System they recently developed to further improve the reliability and smooth function of DDR knives. The NLT is a pivot adjustment system that will stay tight and adjusted. They stopped using lock-tite because it breaks loose after several hours of swinging (which is obviously problematic, if you’re using a knife with an integral swing function).

Here are the instructions for the NLT Pivot system. More to follow.

Darrel and his staff have also recently finished the initial tests of their new Maxx Glide Pivot Bushing System, a bushing system intended to accompany their bearing system.

“This bushing system and the NLT are easy to adjust,” Darrel said, “and has virtually no blade play. Plus our clutch mechanism will allow blade tension to be adjusted to your liking, you know if you prefer a little tension on the blade.”

We’re returning in a month or two, though we haven’t decided if we’re going back to the Darrel Ralph shop or if we’re just gonna take some single dancing moms to King’s Island.

Mad Duo Clear

Tactical Fanboy: Looking over the shop at the DDR Shop

MKT’s Praetorian

Monday, April 2nd, 2012

Soldier Systems Daily just posted about Medford Knife and Tool’s new USMC EOD knife. I thought you might be interested in his Praetorian. (Find MKT’s website or go like them on Facebook.)

For myself, I’m looking forward to his video series on window breakin’, but hey, I like watching Greg break stuff.


For the Army grunts

Monday, April 2nd, 2012

Check out the new picture from the US Army Infantry Facebook page.

This is the website that’s on there.

Osprey Publishing’s awesome new Monopoly set

Sunday, April 1st, 2012

This is the Osprey Monopoly you have heard about complete with description. (Now if they’d just do a version of Risk or Stratego.)

For nearly the last two years, we’ve kept the development of Osprey Monopoly a closely guarded secret, but we just can’t contain the excitement any longer!

Coming later this year, we’ll be releasing a limited-edition run of 1,000 sets. Along with the our exclusive Osprey board, featuring some of our greatest books, you also get our special decks of ‘Chance’ and ‘Ammo Chest’ cards, plastic bunker and fortress pieces to fortify your properties, and a set of our metal game tokens (there’s no hat, but there is a Humvee!).

While the game mostly follows the traditional Monopoly rules of moving around the board, buying properties and building on them, we have included a few special rules that make for a slightly more ‘explosive’ game. But I don’t want to give too much away.

Keep your eye on the blog for a chance to pre-order this limited-edition set, and be the envy of all your friends.


This article appeared first on Soldier Systems Daily.