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12 Days of Tactical Christmas – Day #12 Take 2

Thursday, January 5th, 2012

Ever fantasized about staring into the eyes of a Tac Girls model every day of the year? Well, this could be your chance as we give away 12 2012 Tac Girls Calendars. You’ve seen them covered here on Tactical Fanboy, now show your support and take a chance to win a calendar.

To Enter
Enter in the comments section of THIS post, here on Tactical Fanboy, tell us, which Tac Girl is your favorite (don’t try and fudge it by giving us a month – this means you’re disqualified). Don’t wait to enter. We could close comments at any time. And, remember to use a valid email address so we can inform you in case you win. One entry per email address per contest. You have to enter each one separately in order to win.

Details at soldiersystems.net/the-12-days-of-tactical-christmas.

Tac Girl of the Week: October is from Texas

Wednesday, December 21st, 2011

October’s Tac Girl of the Week was raised by a Texas trooper in a police and military family. She’s hot, she likes to shoot and she can still qualify Texas DPS standards with a pistol!


(1 EA)

Bust:  34DD
Waist: 24
Hips: 34

Height: 5’6 ½”

Approximate age?  Few women admit their age….few men act theirs 😉

Home town? Houston, TX

Currently live? Split my time between Texas and Louisiana

Favorite Rifle Accessory:  Sixell Innovations Never Quit Grip.

9mm, .45 or Other: Even though I appreciate the power of a .45, a 9mm fits my hand better. 

Cans or going loud? Cans—silent but deadly


TFB Gift Idea for your honey: MRE skivvies

Thursday, December 8th, 2011

We like these skivvies. You may recall that we’ve discussed RE Factor Tactical in the past, as has Soldier Systems when they talked about the RE Factor 9-Line placard. Well, they’ve got some very nice new apparel for the tactical lady in your life (or just a lady you’d like to get tactical with). Check out the RE Factor Tactical Women’s MRE Panties. Unlike the standard MREs that are good mostly for industrial grade constipation and some pungent aromas in the hooch, these actually look appetizing.  From the company: “Mmmm… an MRE you can actually enjoy. Made and hand-printed in the USA, these hot pants are made of soft cotton and designed to be cheeky. Front features ‘MRE’, back left feature the TNT molecule seen in the RE Factor Tactical logo.”

Sadly, we don’t have any that have been modeled yet other than the one from the actual storefront. Perhaps someday soon we’ll see them on Tac Girls, the MagPul Calendar, the Hot Shots Calendar, the Sure Shots or even the Dystopian Slut Militia.

No offense intended for any of them, of course, we’re speaking only about aesthetic appreciation.







MRE Panties.


Tac Girl of the Week: Christina Goes Dynamic on July (and the Cover)

Thursday, November 24th, 2011

July’s Tac Girl represents the month named after the death and deification of Gaius Julius Caesar. She’s not only going loud in July, she rocks the cover.


Bust: 37
Waist: 27
Hips: 38
Height: 5’9”

Approximate age? 31

Home town? Tulsa, OK

Currently live? Broken Arrow, OK


Tac Girls Still Available for SHOT

Tuesday, November 15th, 2011

TFB has been advised there are still a couple of Tac Girls available for sponsorship at SHOT, if you want to put your booth on the map (and give it some interesting eye candy). Several of them are already assigned to booths, largely those of manufacturers who help the calendar shoots with gear or just moral support. DSA, American Snipers, Armalite and some others will have a Tac Girl as their tactically hawt one-woman QRF. If you would like to recruit one for your booth or organization, contact Tac Girls.

Now, you only get to have her there to help out at the booth. You don’t get to keep her or take her home. Sorry fellas.

Go back through and check out the Tac Girls of the Week if you get the chance.