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Combat Garden Gnomes

Saturday, August 13th, 2011


Put a few of these in your yard, and never again fear an invasion from the squirrel menace. Created by Shawn Thorsson, these battle-hardened magical folk come equipped with a trusty rifle in hand. Soon to come are a prone rifleman gnome and a grenadier. At press time, the entire stock was sold out so if you’re interested in obtaining some of these porcelain mercenaries for yourself (or friends/family with a sense of humor) then be prepared to watch the creator’s site often for news on availability.

You can buy them here

Zombie Jerky: Questionably Cannibalistic Nutrition For The Apocalypse

Thursday, August 11th, 2011

It seems only fair; they eat us, why shouldn’t we eat them? Granted, the drying process is somewhat unpleasant (if not as unpleasant as carving the meat). A company called Harcos has been selling zombie jerky for a while now and they claim it’s mutagen free (so presumably eating it will not turn you). We don’t know what spices they use, nor whether it’s rubbed or marinated and frankly we’d rather not know. In any case, if you need a snack to augment your trail food or rat-f%&*ed MREs, try it out. They offer zombie blood power drinks as well, and have posted numerous testimonials. Rumors that the SADF is issuing Harcos Lyk Byt Biltong cannot be confirmed (see picture).

Authorship credits for this article go to www.breachbangclear.com.
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Black Market Goods Brewing

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011

Designed to look like a bomb found on the black market, the BMG-10 bottles feature removable rear fins and include a hand-built crate with a bracing system for transportation. They’re only a conceptual piece right now, which is a shame since they’re actually pretty cool looking.


Flower Grenades

Friday, July 29th, 2011

Have you recently seen a derelict lot or other bare, inaccessible land with a severe lack of vegetation? Then the solution just might be these Flower Grenades. Just toss a few of these into an area in desperate need of some flora and they shatter on impact, spreading soil and flower seeds such as buttercups, ryegrass and poppies, which will grow in a few weeks time (one week in the case of the ryegrass). And if someone might get touchy about you improving the scenery, don’t fret: the all-clay grenade bodies dissolve complete in the rain over a few days, erasing all traces of outside intervention. Guerrilla gardening at its finest.

Suck UK – Only available for order in the UK and Europe.

Going The Extra Length For Your Cosplay At SDCC

Tuesday, July 26th, 2011

Many people put a lot of time and dedication into making a kick-ass costume for the San Diego Comic Con, but is it possible that going that extra mile is actually going too far? Surprisingly, it can be, since on the very first day someone was caught using an actual AR-15 as a costume accessory. Although that’s fairly shocking news, I’m more interested in what costume the individual was wearing that they felt necessitated the use of a real firearm. My money’s on Rambo.

After the first day’s AR-15 incident, everything went smoothly. The second day, however, saw the confiscation of two machetes, a dagger, a KA-BAR knife and a lead pipe. Either they were dealing with some extremely dedicated cosplayers, or prevented the happenings of a Marvel vs. DC fan turf war. Maybe both.

Hat Tip: Destructoid


Thursday, July 14th, 2011

This video by youtuber ‘derekgrebner87‘ AKA Tex Grebner shows that anyone can suffer from a negligent discharge. Tex may not have made the video for sympathy or to be ridiculed, but I couldn’t help but laugh a little. This was of course after wincing when that bullet entered his leg.

To his credit, he has pretty good reason as to how the negligent discharge happened. That’s why I stick with Glocks. There’s no chance to disengage the safety while drawing, unless you’re stupid enough to put your finger on the trigger pre-maturely.

Hat Tip: nghtrgr

Evil Dead Remake Confirmed

Tuesday, July 12th, 2011

Confirmed by none other than the original Ash himself, Bruce Campbell (via Twitter), is the news that the cult horror classic Evil Dead is being remade.

As a major (Evil Dead) Fanboy all I have to say is “NOOOOOOO! It can’t be true!”

While Sam Raimi and Bob Murawski, director and editor of the original film respectively, will be teaming up once again for this project, it comes as no surprise that the role of everyone’s favorite S-Mart employee will be played by an as-of-now unnamed actor. Given that this is a Raimi production, of course Campbell will be included in a cameo role (possibly as the milk man), but it hurts to find someone else will be fighting Deadites instead of Bruce. Compared to the original, the best rating I could see this ever getting out of the fanbase is a “Meh. It’s passable.”, but at least the original creative team is behind it.

Hat Tip: G4.com

Magpul Dynamics / Chris Costa Parody

Monday, July 11th, 2011

This video by Youtuber ‘randomannkenny‘ is a parody of the series of Magpul Dynamics videos featuring Chris Costa. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I laughed pretty damn hard.

Adult Store Burglar Caught In Closet With Blow-Up Doll

Saturday, July 9th, 2011

Earlier this week, U.S. Army Captain Justin Dale Little Jim broke into the MVC Late Night adult store in Woodbridge, Virgina. After taking more than $200 dollars worth of products and storing them in his vehicle, he went back in and preceded to attempt sexual relations with a blow-up doll in a store closet, where he was caught by police. Oh, and he was wearing women’s panties at the time. Little Jim was charged with burglary, grand larceny, and destruction of property and was held in the Prince William jail on Wednesday without bail. His trial is scheduled to take place on August 23rd.

Hat Tip: The Smoking Gun with additional details from The State of NoVa.

Loaded Objects Ceramics

Wednesday, July 6th, 2011

These handmade slip-cast ceramic lamps feature detailed designs based on well-known firearms including the Beretta 92 pistol and AK-47 rifle. Each lamp is delivered with a fixture, shade, cord and plug, ready for immediate use. Also available from the creator are full-sized Mk 2 grenades made from porcelain with gold pull rings. They were originally created for use as pawns for chess set. I think I’m totally ignoring whatever message these pieces are meant to convey when I say how totally kick-ass it would be to have one of the AK lamps in my room.

Loaded Objects Ceramics

Lobby – A Capella Style

Sunday, July 3rd, 2011

Through the creative efforts of Youtuber mattmulholland26, the iconic Lobby scene from ‘The Matrix’ is turned from one of pulse-pounding action to that of comedy as ‘Spybreak! (Short One)’ by Propellerheads is replaced by a multi-track A capella version. Even the SFX were replaced, although I don’t recall M16s and SPAS-12s making ‘pew’ noises when fired.

The Rifle Umbrella

Friday, July 1st, 2011

It’s an umbrella that features a stock and trigger for a handle and barrel end for a tip. Two handles are available, a brown wood finish I’m assuming isn’t really wood and a black plastic finish I’m assuming really is plastic. The length of the umbrellas is based on which stock is chosen, 100 cm and 73 cm respectively, and the whole package comes with a strapped cover bag. Is it cool? Yeah, but there’s an inherent risk when carrying anything that looks remotely like a real firearm in public, unless you’re a Penguin cosplayer. Then, a weaponized-looking umbrella is expected, not shunned.

Gadget.brando.com – Rifle Umbrella

It’s Cool And All, But The Price…

Tuesday, June 28th, 2011

The Pomson 6000 Sub Atomic Wave Gun is yet another wonderful addition to the line of Dr. Grordbort’s Infallible Aether Oscillators courtesy of the fine, creative minds at Weta. If features a urethane resin and metal construction, articulated triggers, levers and switches, a custom built stand, certificate of authenticity and a limited edition art print, provided you’re the possessor of one of the first nine Pomsons. There’s just one problem: it’s freaking expensive! The Wave Gun is neat, and the available colors are pretty spiffy, but it takes a Hell of a lot of neat-n-spiffy to justify spending thousands of dollars on a non-functioning firearm, especially a fictional one. However, if you happen to be a model wave gun enthusiast, have the cash, and don’t mind plunking down a $1000 non-refundable deposit, then the Pomson 6000 can be yours for the low, low price of $4000-7000. If I had that kind of scratch lying around, I’d spend it on real firearms, but that’s just me.

Weta Workshop

Canister To The Crotch

Monday, June 27th, 2011

A man at the Vancouver Riots took what appears to be a canister of tear gas to the crotch, where it promptly discharged, knocking him on his back. The man, who’s name I am voluntarily withholding, has been going around Youtube, having any video of this incident taken down due to copyright infringement. Although I doubt the legality of his claims, get your jollies while you can, because this vid could come down at any time.

BodyGuard Armored Glove

Thursday, June 23rd, 2011

Ignoring the fact that it looks like it replaces your forearm with a giant slug, the BodyGuard Armored Glove might have a lot going for it. After all, housed inside its 3-pound gastropod-esque shell is a taser, laser pointer, video camera, and flashlight. That’s right, everything the crime fighting forces of the world need to deter even the most dangerous of criminals. It was designed by David Brown, a man who makes a living being a cameraman, editor, and producer of musical acts by artists such as Rage Against The Machine and Snoop Dog. Plus, Kevin Costner, who happens to be a friend of Mr. Brown, is a chief investor for the product. If First Lieutenant John J. Dunbar believes in the BodyGuard, then who is anyone to question its usefulness? It even won a Popular Science 2011 Invention Award, and they must know a lot about good inventions, since ‘Science’ is in the title of their publication. In any event, the first demo unit will be released to the LA Sheriff’s Department later this year, so if it finds success there, every cop in America could be wearing one of these in the near future!

Gun Safety Gone Wong

Wednesday, June 15th, 2011

A fairly unorthodox PSA about practicing gun safety while filming anything for Youtube. I know it’s played for laughs, but I couldn’t help but cringe the whole time through. Also, a nice camo by Freddy Wong, if the title didn’t give it away.

ratedrr’s Youtube channel

Brothers In Arms: Furious 4

Tuesday, June 14th, 2011

Brothers in Arms is a series by Gearbox Software that takes place during WWII. It was unique for a FPS in that actual strategy was needed to win battles. Having AI controlled members of your squad lay suppressive fire on the enemy while you used an overhead map to plan and execute flanking maneuvers was often the key to victory. At least, that was the old BiA games. This one looks to be going the route of Inglourious Basterds, trading historical accuracy for crazy characters, violent action, and a fair share of comedy. We can only wait and see until next year to find if Gearbox jumped the shark with their latest attempt at WWII interactivity.

King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia: Dark Lord Of The Sith

Sunday, June 12th, 2011

In this blast from the past (2007, to be a bit more exact), the Welsh Guard Band protested the Royal visit of King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia by playing the Imperial March from Star Wars. Abdullah was none the wiser, but you can bet there was more than one person in the crowd snickering as he passed by. There is a longer version of the video with a more in-depth look as to why his visit was contested, human rights violations being a primary reason, but this heavily condensed version shows the best part.

Glock Gen 4 Design Meeting

Saturday, June 11th, 2011

Even the most hardcore Glock fans have to admit the Gen 4 is… more than a little lacking. This video explains why. My favorite line: “No. The Austrians like physical punishment for any mistake with their grip.”

Ninja Glock

Friday, June 10th, 2011

Presenting the Ninja Glock, which is about as deadly and multi-purpose as a Glock will ever get. It’s extremely concealable, comes with a hydration pack, a set of Nunchaku, hand grenades, a spare ninja hood, and a survival knife. The attached scope lets the user see into the future and the past and has a variable optic of three to seven miles while the LED halogen bulb features an output of one million lumens, making it brighter than the sun. A spare tool kit and replacement parts are included inside the infrared module, and the red laser button controls a typhoon you can unleash on your enemies. Include a 1000 round ‘clip’ and the Glock’s ability to successfully cycle all kinds of ammunition from wooden to atomic to solid plastic, and you come to a pretty obvious conclusion: the Ninja Glock is the future of sidearms everywhere.

I sure can’t wait to get my hands on one. 😉

Art of Innovation by Geliographic

Thursday, June 9th, 2011

This is one of a series of Still Lifes by Moscow-based studio Geliographic, who does illustrations on demand. All intended messages about the prevalence of firearms in modern society, or other interpretation of your choice, notwithstanding, these are some very detailed and beautiful paintings. I think the time will be soon I’ll have to make a commission.

More images – beautifullife.info

Blackwater – The Video Game

Wednesday, June 8th, 2011

E3 is happening right now, so it’s only expected that a lot of new video game information would be coming out, but this is something I couldn’t have foreseen in a million years. 505 Games is publishing Blackwater, which will take place in a fictional North African town. As a Blackwater operative, you and your team will battle two Warlords’ factions in “an intense, cinematic shooter experience” for the safety of the town. The game is being produced with consultation from Blackwater founder Erik Prince and former Blackwater members, who are ensuring “… accuracy of moves, gestures, and gameplay.” In addition, the game will also feature a selection of officially-licensed weaponry. To be honest, 505 Games isn’t the most… high profile publisher, so I’m not expecting anything amazing. Plus, with all the bad vibes associated with the Blackwater name, I’m surprised anyone would even want to develop a game based on it.

Original Story – Wired.com

AK-47 Guitar

Monday, June 6th, 2011

Cesar Lopez sure plays a mean Kalashnikov. I wonder what it would cost to have one of these made? I’m not a very good guitar player, but it would make for an excellent conversation starter.

The Flamebone

Sunday, June 5th, 2011

This is a homemade flamethrower trombone. It’s made from plumbing, torch, and compressed air parts while still being able to play, features a 21 foot range with a concussive wave of 150 feet, and can be heard from 2 blocks away. Gentlemen, I believe we’re looking at the future of High School marching band competitions.

Firearm Negligence

Thursday, May 26th, 2011

A great collection of negligent discharges, improper equipment checks and uses, improper attire, and use of a firearm one is either incapable of using or unfamiliar with. In other words, witness an extremely amusing collection of firearms fail. Although not every clip in the collection can necessarily be described as “negligent”, they’re still funny as Hell. Enjoy!