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Friendly Fire Rocket On Kickstarter

Sunday, May 31st, 2015

Friendy Fire Rocket

Friendly Fire Rockets are a project on Kickstarter, which consists of foam projectiles, designed in two common sizes, for use in pressurized launchers. There’s a 40mm version for gas powered under-barrel grenade launchers and 1.5″ PVC barrels, and a 50mm version for 2″ barrels.

The intent of Friendly Fire Rockets is to provide Military, Law Enforcement, MilSim, Airsoft, and Paintball with a safe and effective method of “disabling” Op-For vehicles and/or buildings.


Devtac – Ronin Helmet

Saturday, May 30th, 2015


The Ronin is a tactical helmet with ANSI-rated polycarbonate removable lenses, removable cheek plates with built-in magnets, and a defogging function. They also produce a Level IIIa kevlar variant, which is featured in the video below.

Your best bet for getting one is to contact wesley.devtac@gmail.com.


Mad Max “Savage Road” Story Trailer

Friday, May 29th, 2015

Just to clarify, this is a story trailer for the upcoming Mad Max video game, and “Savage Road” is just the name of the trailer, not the subtitle of the game, although it really should be.

KUNG FURY Full Movie

Thursday, May 28th, 2015

KUNG FURY has officially launched, and it’s available to watch free on YouTube. It’s only around 30 minutes long, and because of that the pacing is a bit rushed, but regardless it’s pure entertainment the entire run time.

NERF – Rebelle Secrets And Spies Secret Shot Blaster

Thursday, May 28th, 2015

Secret Shot 1

The NERF Rebelle line is a line of NERF blasters for girls. One of the more interesting blasters in the line is the ‘Secrets and Spies’ Secret Shot Blaster. Designed to look like a “fashionable bag”, it unfolds into a 4-shot blaster. It reminds me of a Magpul FMG-9, with a bit of a P90 influence. Change it into a briefcase or something similar, color it black with orange accents, and it would be pretty good for boys as well.

Secret Shot 2

It can be bought most places where NERF guns are sold.


Loot Crate – May ‘Unite’ Crate Unboxing

Wednesday, May 27th, 2015


Loot Crate is a subscription service that provides customers with “a monthly box of geek & gamer gear”. Several plans are offered, from a single month to a year of continuous crates. The crate for May is the Unite theme, and features ‘team-centric’ items.


Included within the box is an exclusive Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers Green/White Ranger t-shirt, a Rick and Morty-themed puzzle, Marvel-themed shoelaces, an ice cube tray, and a vehicle decal, Team Fortress 2 pins, an exclusive issue of MAD magazine, an exclusive issue of the Bravest Warriors comic, and a ‘unite’-themed pin and Loot Crate magazine.


Point Break Is Getting A Remake

Wednesday, May 27th, 2015


I didn’t even hear about this until yesterday.

The synopsis:

In Alcon Entertainment’s fast-paced, high-adrenaline action thriller “Point Break,” a young FBI agent, Johnny Utah (Luke Bracey), infiltrates a cunning team of thrill-seeking elite athletes – led by the charismatic Bodhi (Edgar Ramirez). The athletes are suspected of carrying out a spate of crimes in extremely unusual ways.

Deep undercover, and with his life in imminent danger, Utah strives to prove they are the architects of this string of inconceivable crimes.

It’s “inspired” by the original, yet uses the same title.

Comes out this Christmas.

Black Angel

Tuesday, May 26th, 2015

Roger Christian was a set decorator for Star Wars Episode IV. Christian’s work impressed George Lucas enough that he gave Christian the go ahead to turn his fantasy script into a short film, which would screen before Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back. The film, titled Black Angel, was only screened in a few cinemas in 1980, and was thought lost until negatives of the film were found and restored.

The film has since been uploaded to YouTube, with a special introduction from the director himself.


Fanmade Immortan Joe Respirator Mask

Monday, May 25th, 2015


Looking to cosplay as Fury Road’s Immortan Joe in the near future? Then you might want to consider a “Skull Respirator Half Mask” currently available on Etsy. Made from cold cast aluminum fiberglass with resin and rubber parts, it comes with an adjustable elasticated strap, and foam padding on the inside.

Build time is 4-5 weeks due to increased demand, but it looks worth the wait.


Dinosaur World Wide – Danger 5 Merch

Sunday, May 24th, 2015

Danger 5

Dinosaur World Wide is handling the merchandise for Danger 5, including t-shirts, posters, lobby cards, and more. For those who are unaware, Danger 5 is a parody of the spy genre which stars an international team of special operatives who’s primary goal is to kill Hitler, and disrupt Nazi efforts in the process. The first season was a 60’s take on WWII. The second season is more Cold War-inspired, although, as always, the team’s main goal is to kill Hitler.


Range 15 Movie On Indiegogo

Saturday, May 23rd, 2015


The folks over at Ranger Up and Article 15 clothing have teamed up to form Range 15, and they’re making a movie:

We’re making the military movie you’ve always wanted someone to make: relentless ball busting, guns, explosions, hot chicks, booze, and more guns. We will not dramatically salute each other. We will kill lots of shit, all while using our weapons correctly. Again, there will be hot chicks. Mat will probably sleep with all of them. And I mean that both in the movie and in real life. Seriously, that guy has a real problem. Tim Kennedy may or may not be oiled up in a loin cloth.

They’re looking for funding on Indiegogo, so check out the page for more info:


Mezco Toys – One:12 Collective – Con Exclusive Dark Knight Returns Boxed Set

Friday, May 22nd, 2015


Depicting the battle between the Mutant Gang Leader and Batman in the iconic ‘The Dark Knight Returns’ by Frank Miller, this special set is limited to just 1000 pieces, and currently up for pre-order. It will also be sold at the upcoming San Diego Comic Con, so this is the only chance most of us will have to buy it.

The Deluxe Boxed Set contains:

– Battle Damaged Batman figure with an exclusive head sculpt, torn exclusive variant costume, alternate hands and exclusive “Knock-Out Foam” accessory designed to fit over his enemy’s face.
– Exclusive “first look” Mutant Leader with a variant dirtied up paint application to enhance the realistic battle in the junk yard, alternate hands and crowbar accessory.
– A Polystone cold casted display base of the Gotham City Junk Yard, over 10 inches long with felt footing.
– Packed in a large, closed box with a specially die-cut slip cover and utilizing the One:12 Collective’s collector friendly no- twist-tie packing method for easy in and out of box displaying.


MAN AT ARMS: REFORGED – Predator Blades

Thursday, May 21st, 2015

ThinkGeek – Walking Dead Roleplay Weapon: Merle’s Knife Hand

Wednesday, May 20th, 2015


ThinkGeek is selling a roleplay weapon version of Merle’s Knife Hand from The Walking Dead. Made of ABS plastic, it features an internal handle for ease of use, a retractable Mauser bayonet, and adjustable faux leather straps.


True Dedication

Tuesday, May 19th, 2015

Not my video, but found in the deep recesses of the internet.

DOOM – E3 Teaser Trailer

Monday, May 18th, 2015

And when they say teaser, they mean teaser. Super Shotgun, Revenant, Hellish environment. Yup, it’s Doom alright.

June 14th can’t come fast enough.

Check Out Crossbones From The Upcoming Captain America: Civil War

Sunday, May 17th, 2015


With Avengers 2 out, and Ant-Man on the horizon, it’s no surprise to see the work continues on the Marvel Cinematic Universe projects. Such is the case with this early picture of Crossbones from the currently-in-production, yet slated for a May 2016 release, Captain America: Civil War.

Crossbones, one of Captain America’s most iconic arch-nemeses in the comics, can be seen kitted up in gear from various manufacturers, including S&S Precision, Benchmade Knives, Safariland, G-Code, and AustriaAlpin/ITW.

If we didn’t know any better, we’d swear this looks like something our friends at Tactical Pro Shop were involved with, as they often are. We’re looking forward to seeing what other gear pops up, and for the movie in general.

More pics and info on the movie itself can be found at screencrush.com/crossbones-grillo-first-look

LBX Tactical / Dynamis Alliance – Adaptiv Combatives Suit

Saturday, May 16th, 2015

LBX Tactical and Dynamis Alliance have linked up with IronClad Media to give you a look at the new Adaptiv Combatives suit.

Dynamis partnered with LBX Combatives to develop this advanced, 100% made in America fight suit. ADAPTIV gear allows the end user to train at real speeds in a multitude of environments. Its injury-prevention/impact-reduction system enhances training performance by allowing operators to realistically practice detainee handling, shoot/don’t shoot drills with approved marking cartridges, and other close-quarters combat skills. It can also adapt to MMA training, making it the most versatile fight suit on the market.


SURVCO – Tactical Credit Card AX

Friday, May 15th, 2015


SURVCO is a disabled Veteran owned and operated business based out of Fort Mitchell, Alabama. The products developed by SURVCO are survival-inclined, such as the Tactical Credit Card AX. Made of 12 Gague 304 stainless steel, the Credit Card AX is a credit card-sized survival tool which comfortably stores inside a wallet. The head features 21 individual functions, including being lashed to a handle to function as a tomahawk, ax, knife, scraper, skinner, or shovel, depending on use.


BitzBlade – An EDC Multi-Tool Keychain In Titanium On Kickstarter

Thursday, May 14th, 2015


The BlitzBlade is a titanium-bodied EDC multi-tool which features interchangeable driver bits, a carbide tip window punch, and a utility blade.


Brutal Doom v20 Official Trailer (NSFW)

Wednesday, May 13th, 2015

Brutal Doom is a mod created by SGtMarkIV which adds new weapons, animations, and features to the original Doom games, and, most prominently, includes the addition of loads of excessively gratuitous violence. While the original Doom is no slouch in this regard, with demons, lost of guns, viscera strew about levels, etc., Brutal Doom turns it up to 11. Enemies bleed excessively, their limbs can be individually removed, special execution animations have been added which allow the player to rip apart enemies with their bare hands, and much more.

Brutal Doom v20 will be released on June 5th. It requires you already own a version of classic Doom to work.


X-Wing. Digitally Remastered for Print. On Kickstarter

Tuesday, May 12th, 2015


Graphic designer Nick Harrison has launched a Kickstarter campaign for two X-Wing-themed ink prints. The two pieces, ‘Red 5 standing by’ and ‘Get set for your attack run’ are both available in large sizes.


Mad Max Fury Road – The Peacemaker In Action

Monday, May 11th, 2015

YouTube channel Howe & Howe showed off some footage of the Peacemaker vehicle from the upcoming Mad Max Fury Road before it was shipped off.

Mad Max Fury Road – Inspired Artists Art Book

Sunday, May 10th, 2015

DC imprint Vertigo has released an art book featuring art by 65 comic book artists inspired by the upcoming Mad Max Fury Road. Fortunately, or not depending on your preferences, the book has virtually zero spoilers for the upcoming film. You’re likely to find a copy at your local comic book shop, or a chain bookstore.

Man At Arms – Tomahawk Challenge

Saturday, May 9th, 2015