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Military Date/Time Group Explained

Tuesday, January 24th, 2012

The Military Date/Time Group Succinctly explained by RE Factor. Check it out. Then peruse their stuff and watch their website.

The military Date Time Group (DTG) format is used in everything from operations orders to airlifts and it is essential for every service member to know how to properly put together a DTG format.

Date Time Group is traditionally formated as DDHHMM(Z)MONYY

An example is 630pm on January 6th 2012 in Fayetteville NC would read 061830RJAN12

DD-Day of the month (e.g. January 6th=06)

HHMM- Time in 24 hr format +military time zone (e.g. 6:30pm in =1830).

Z- Military identifier- see below for complete list

MON- 3 digit month code, (e.g. January= JAN)

YY- 2 Digit year, (e.g. 2012= 12)

Military Time Code

The military time zone is used as a representation to Coordinate Universal Time (UTC) which is based on hours + or – Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) which is considered hour 0.  In military time code reference Greenwich Mean time is referred to as Zulu (Z).  In operations spanning multiple time zones zulu will be used in order to give all operating units a time zone to adjust their time to so that everyone is on the same page.

One common mistake when using the military time code is to use “L” as Local time.  In fact “L” is used to represent the time code for UTC+11 which covers parts of Russia and Australia.  When referring to your time zone be sure to see what your local code identifier is by using the reference below.

Military Time Code Letter Reference:

UTC -12: Y- (e.g.  Fiji)
UTC-11: X (Nome Alaska)
UTC-10: W (Honolulu, HI)
UTC-9: V (Juneau, AK)
UTC-8: U (PST, Los Angeles, CA)
UTC-7: T (MST, Denver, CO)
UTC-6: S (CST, Dallas, TX)
UTC-5: R (EST, New York, NY)
UTC-4: Q (Halifax, Nova Scotia
UTC-3: P (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
UTC-2: O (Godthab, Greenland)
UTC-1: N (Azores)
UTC+-0: Z (Zulu time)
UTC+1: A (France)
UTC+2: B (Athens, Greece)
UTC+3: C (Arab Standard Time, Iraq, Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Qatar)
UTC+4: D (Used for Moscow, Russia and Afghanistan, however Afghanistan is technically +4:30 from UTC)
UTC+5: E (Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan)
UTC+6: F (Bangladesh)
UTC+7: G (Thailand)
UTC+8: H (Beijing, China)
UTC+9: I (Tokyo, Australia)
UTC+10: K (Brisbane, Australia)
UTC+11: L (Sydney, Australia)
UTC+12: M (Wellington, New Zealand)

SHOT 2012: Bawidamann Shenanigans

Monday, January 23rd, 2012

Andrew Bawidamann advises via Tumblr that he’s got this “Chuck Mawhinney Sniper Girl” original for sale (he’s been selling a few originals, and they go fast).

Buy ya one here. Andrew Bawidamann’s website is here and his Facebook here if you want to keep an eye on those as well.




This is a picture of the inestimable Bawidamann at the Multitasker booth.



SHOT 2012: Anti-Zombie Chainsaw Pic Rail Attachment

Monday, January 23rd, 2012

Finally, someone has developed a rail-attach chainsaw for anti-zombie work. Frankly, it’s overdue, so kudos to Doublestar for finally getting it done. Known as the Zombie X (for Zombie Exterminator), Doublestar had this display out for those of you preparing for the Zombiepocalypse at the Doublestar Booth. This thing has a separate power/activation and a battery at the butt of the Kalash it mounts to (it will also mount to an AR, though it might be a little much weight to add to an M249). The chainsaw is fully functional and has its own EOTech sight (there’s a separate optic for the rifle itself). No word as to whether they’ve considered replacing the EOTech with  one of those lasers you see on fancy saws at the hardware stores (you know, the ones that show where the cut line is).

Doublestar Chainsaw Attachment and Kalashnikov. Pic by Gamma Nine.


Keep in mind if you do use a chainsaw during a zombiepocalyptic event, you must wear a full face mask, not just eye pro. You think a money shot in the dirty movies is gross? Try avoiding the infection (and vomiting) sure to follow when you get a face full of zombie gore after carving it into pieces.

Currently the Zombie-X is not for sale. This prototype was built for FEMA, Homeland Security Zombie Division and the SHOT Show only. If you actually want one, you’ll need to contact Doublestar. Hopefully the production models (since they build the full rifle in addition to the chainsaw pic-rail attachment) will come with a BattleComp.

Picture courtesy of Gamma Nine (which is worth checking out on its own).

SHOT 2012 Brains: the new zombie magazine

Monday, January 23rd, 2012

There were a lot of new zombie products at SHOT 2012. Maybe too much. Optics, bullets, t-shirts. Pretty much everything but real zombies (unless you count some of the dumbasses displaying a shocking lack of range safety out at the Media Day on the Range).

Anyway, a couple of guys checking out the new zombie Eotech and another guy looking at some new zombie targets (article coming up shortly on those) mentioned this new Brains magazine, so we checked it out. Visually, it’s not as easy to read as we’d like, and it’s certainly no Recoil, but it’s surprisingly well done.

This is what the table of contents looks like:

Tactical Fanboy: Brains Magazine


They also have a zombie centerfold:

Tactical Fanboy: the Brains Magazine Centerfold

The Brains magazine website is here. There is also a Brains magazine facebook page.

SHOT Show 2012: Hot Leaf Camo

Monday, January 23rd, 2012

Hot Leaf Camo was at SHOT showing off stylish women’s hunting cam they say is the “hottest thing to happen to hunting since women”! They’re trying to garner enough support to get their camo into stores.  They don’t actually have a product you can buy yet, they’re looking for women who do hunt and might want a “cute & stylish” but functionally effective camouflage to get behind ’em and help make that happen.




Check out the Hot Leaf website or go like ’em on Facebook to learn more and help support ’em.


Tippmann U.S. Army Camping Equipment

Monday, January 23rd, 2012

Along with their U.S. Army licensed paintball markers, Tippmann also has a line of U.S. Army licensed camping equipment. The two models seen above are the:

Basic Training tent

– 68d 600mm polyester construction
– U.S. Army branded zipper pulls
– 300D Carry Bag
– ACU Camo trim
– Glove Dry waterproof system
– internal storage pockets and gear loft

It measures 80″x50″x38″ with 28 sq. ft. of interior space.

Bravo sleeping bag

– 68d 600mm polyester outer shell and liner with a 3lbs solid polyester fiber filler
– Rated up to 40F
– Hood system w/ draw cord
– Hanging tab and elastic straps for two storage options
– Full length wrap around zipper
– ThermAir insulation
– 185T polyester carry bag

It measures 34″x78″ and fits up to 6’4″.


Star Wars Uncut: Director’s Cut

Sunday, January 22nd, 2012

First, take the beloved classic ‘Star Wars: A New Hope’. Next, cut it up into 15 second increments. Then, have a bunch of fans choose the clip of their choice, and refilm it in any style of their choosing. Finally, splice the fan-clips together into a complete movie and show it on the internet. That’s the idea behind Star Wars Uncut: Director’s Cut.

You can watch it on YouTube.


Booth Babes Of Las Vegas

Saturday, January 21st, 2012

If the many thinly-veiled threats directed at myself through email, phone calls, and the flaming bags of poo at my doorstep are any indication, this article has been a long time coming.

SHOT Show 2012 – Chris Costa Action Figure

Saturday, January 21st, 2012

I spied this pair of Chris Costa action figures hanging around the Nighthawk Custom booth. He comes equipped with an Arc’teryx beanie and pant, Costa Ludis long-sleeve t-shirt, custom Nighthawk 1911, and other real-world gear. Also, notice how the figure sitting on his imprisoned twin’s plastic case is rocking MultiCam pants and boots. A limited variant, perhaps?


SHOT Show 2012 – Leupold VX-R Zombie Riflescope

Friday, January 20th, 2012

Leupold is the latest company to jump into the Zombie market with their VX-R Zombie Riflescope. Based around the VX-R Patrol Scope, the VX-R Zombie has a few unique features that cater to its namesake. For starters, the power on switch is green, along with the scope’s illumination dot. The scope caps feature Zombie imagery on the inside, and the two included BDC dials are designed specifically for use with .223 REM and .308 WIN Hornady Zombie Max ammunition. The VX-R Zombie will retail for $599 with a limited production run.



SHOT Show 2012 – Defenses Tactiques Specialisees

Thursday, January 19th, 2012

DTS is one of the first companies who’s products I wrote about, so I had a personal obligation to see what they had to offer at this year’s SHOT Show. It turns out they’ve added more than a few new items to their line of training weaponry, including a butcher knife, kitchen knife, fireplace poker, and two color variants of a campfire hatchet, in brown and red. Additionally, they’ve finalized the design for the broken wine bottle from the prototype seen last year.

DTS Tools are designed to mimic many of the improvised weapons that LEOs can possibly face in the line of duty. They are built with a polymer insert designed to minimize impact and enhance safety and are surrounded by a lightweight, high quality, impact resistant rubber exterior, rated for temperatures ranging from -13F to 125F.


dtstools.ca – English site

Good Gear: a Graphic Demonstration

Thursday, January 19th, 2012

This is quite a selection of gear from the Mad Duo. Raven Concealment, 5.11 Tactical, LED Lenser, Darrel Ralph Knives, Tactical Tailor, Bravo 5, Legion Firearms, T.I.E. Tactical, Warrior Wound Care, I.C.E. Training, SAR Global Tools and of course…butter, 5-hour energy, B12 energy powder, butter from Kokomos, Tabasco, OC spray and miscellaneous other things (like used family planning devices).

Only at a Vegas SHOT Show eh?

Tactical Fanboy: Quite an eclectic mix of gear and...condiments?

SHOT Show 2012 – Wilderness Dreams

Wednesday, January 18th, 2012


I knew as I passed this company’s booth at SHOT that it would be among the highest levels of irresponsibility for me to not write something about them, right? Anyway, Wilderness Dreams sells lingerie, nightwear, and swimwear in three camouflage colors: Pink, Snow, and Mossy Oak Break Up. Seen above is the Baby Doll Set in Pink. They also have a smaller line, only three items so far, of menswear in Mossy Oak Break Up.


SHOT Show 2012 – Hazard 4

Wednesday, January 18th, 2012

Hazard 4 had an impressive showing of new bags, apparel, and accessories at this year’s SHOT Show.

Poncho Villa



The Poncho Villa is made from a water-resistant, breathable softshell fabric with 100% waterproof seams throughout. It has large Velcro panels on the front and back for agency identification, as well as smaller panels on the shoulders and head-back. Large perimeter grommets allow the Villa to be hung as a tarp. A generous fit easily encompasses packs, bags, head wear, and other gear, and side snaps and a front to chin zipper allow the wearer to close the edges and neck in severe weather. The entire poncho fits into its own vented front pocket for storage.

Colors: Coyote/Black


Recoil Magazine (More info)

Wednesday, January 18th, 2012

We reported yesterday on Recoil Magazine and mentioned that the website was down. Turns out they are planning for it to “go live” on March 1ST if all goes as planned. In the meantime, if you want to keep up with this excellent new magazine, follow them on Facebook. Pretty sure you’ll be glad you did. Please let ’em know Tactical Fanboy sent you. You can also keep an eye out for them if you’re wandering SHOT, they’ll be around.

Tactical Fanboy: RECOIL Magazine

A Personal Shoutout!

Tuesday, January 17th, 2012


Here’s a personal hello from Las Vegas to my good mate Beau Mooney in Australia!

SHOT Media Range Day – EOTech

Tuesday, January 17th, 2012


Two new products on display at EOTech’s booth attracted my Fanboyish tendencies. The first was the MW3 Holographic Hybrid Sight II. The MW3 sight is composed of the EXPS2-2 holographic sight with 2-dot reticle combined with the G33.STS magnifier. The MW3 logo is clearly displayed on the side of the EXPS2-2. Like other kits in the Hybrid Sight family, the Quick Switch to Side (STS) mount allows the operator to disengage the magnifier with a simple lever flip, then snap it back into place as needed.



The other product is the XPS2-Z Zombie Stopper Holographic Weapon Sight. The main feature that differentiates this sight from the standard XPS2 is the use of a biohazard symbol as the target reticle, which features a 65 MOA ring with a 1 MOA aiming dot. The reticle is also displayed on the top of the sight in white instead of red. Additionally, the final product will feature a stylized Zombie Stopper logo on the side of the sight. At the very least, it’s a relatively unique concept; no other company, to my knowledge, has done a zombie themed reflex sight with a biohazard reticle before. It’ll be available in April of this year with an MSRP of $559.


Recoil Magazine: Nice New Read

Tuesday, January 17th, 2012

Tactical Fanboy staffers met Jerry Tsai today at the SHOT media range day. Mr. Tsai is the editor of the new RECOIL magazine which looks very nice. That might at first evoke some skepticism. Another firearm-related magazine? Is this another example of gun-and-knife-centric tactiporn? The short answer is no, it’s not – this first issue is really nice, and we’re looking forward to future issues. This won’t be your standard magazine. It isn’t aimed at cops or SWAT guys or grunts. It essentially celebrates what it calls the “gun lifestyle” and it does a pretty damn good job of it. This isn’t directed specifically at folks who use the gear on the job every day. As the editor says, “…a magazine that encompasses modern firearm lifestyle and embodies many elements of our industry: guns, gear, technology, shooting sports, training, outdoor life and personal defense.”

Some examples of the content:

Mesa Tactical’s Benelli M4 (The Founder of One of the Most Progressive Shotgun Accessory Companies Outfits His Personal Shotgun)

Night Vision 101 (See What Goes Bump in the Night) A primer on how NODs work.

Bugout Truck (Escape the End of the World or Just the Daily Grind) Whether you’re fleeing a natural disaster or an all-out zombie infestation, a properly setup truck can provide the key to survival.

Watch Buyer’s Guide (Rugged Watches That Keep Much More Than Time)

Tactical Firearms Training and Redback One (What can you expect? Why should you give it a try?)

That’s only a very limited look at what’s in this magazine…there’s a lot more. Right now the website doesn’t appear to be working (it’s listed as http://www.recoilweb.com). That may be temporary, we’re unsure, but check on it periodically. We really think it’ll be worth your time.


SHOT Media Range Day 2012 – Custom MKA 1919 12 GA Shotgun

Tuesday, January 17th, 2012


The MKA 1919 is a Turkish made 12 ga shotgun imported by RAAC. It’s modeled on the AR-15 platform in both appearance and the location and function of the safety and magazine release. The model I tried at Media Day was a variant modified for competition purposes. It features a flat upper receiver with an EOTec sight, collapsible stock, modified barrel and choke, replacement pistol grip, enlarged charging handle, and enlarged mag release. Additionally, it also had a 10-round extended magazine. It’s dubbed the ‘Zombie gun’, due to its paint job.


Despite being chambered for 12 ga shells, it was practically recoilless. Definitely a good choice to consider of you’re looking for an accurate and comfortable semi-auto shotgun.

The basic model is imported by RAAC.

SHOT Media Range Day 2012 – Custom MKA 1919 12 GA Shotgun

Tuesday, January 17th, 2012


The MKA 1919 is a Turkish made 12 ga shotgun imported by RAAC. It’s modeled on the AR-15 platform in both appearance and the location and function of the safety and magazine release. The model I tried at Media Day was a variant modified for competition purposes. It features a flat upper receiver with an EOTec sight, collapsible stock, modified barrel and choke, replacement pistol grip, enlarged charging handle, and enlarged mag release. Additionally, it also had a 10-round extended magazine. It’s dubbed the ‘Zombie gun’, due to its paint job.


Despite being chambered for 12 ga shells, it was practically recoilless. Definitely a good choice to consider of you’re looking for an accurate and comfortable semi-auto shotgun.

The basic model is imported by RAAC.

New Multitasker En Route!

Monday, January 16th, 2012

You see this?

Fighting over the new Multitasker

Make all the wishes you want...you're not going to pull this apart.

ANME 2012 – Tippmann Officially Licensed U.S. Army Paintball Markers

Monday, January 16th, 2012


At this year’s Army Navy Military Expo, Tippmann Sports has on display their line of officially licensed U.S. Army paintball markers and accessories. Shown above in descending order are the:

Project Salvo Tactical Edition

– .68 caliber marker
– AR15 style 6 position collapsible and folding stock
– AR15 style shroud with picatinny rails
– 11″ quick thread barrel
– Removable and adjustable front and rear sights
– All aluminum die cast receiver
– Stainless steel gasline
– High performance in-line bolt system
– Quick release feeder elbow

Alpha Black Tactical Edition

– .68 caliber marker
– M16 style 6 position collapsible stock
– M16 style shroud w/ built-in sight
– 11″ quick thread barrel
– All aluminum die cast receiver w/ built-in carry handle
– Stainless steel gasline
– Wide range velocity adjustment screw
– Magazine w/ built-in tool storage


– .68 caliber marker
– 8 1/2″ quick thread barrel
– High performance in-line bolt system
– All aluminum die cast receiver
– Stainless steel gasline
– Four picatinny rails
– Built-in sights
– Built-in foregrip

Alpha Black with Official U.S. Army Camo Tactical Edition

– Same as Alpha Black model, but with Camo finish instead of black

Each marker comes with a bonus training manual on teamwork and strategy.

For more info on these products and others, visit Tippmann.com.

Hillbilly Two-Two-Three

Monday, January 16th, 2012

I’ve been meaning to write about these guys for a while now. SHOT Show and assorted other real world inconveniences (however much fun, and however much cleavage has been involved) has gotten in the way. Let me just throw up some pictures for you to check out and suggest you investigate further via their website and Facebook. There will be plenty more to follow, but this guy’s work is just too bad ass to not at least pique your interest now. (This ‘hawk, by the way, is for sale now.)

I’m gonna send him a whole passel of magazines (yes, I said passel) to paint up for me. When I do, I will look way cooler than the law should allow. He’s less than a day’s drives away from me…I may just head over there and do a whole article about his shop one of these days, if you want.

Check out Hillbilly Two-Two-Three Duracoat Finishing (also on Facebook.)

(Yes, I know I may not actually need a bad-ass looking tommyhawk, but if I had one that looked like that I’d be wishing for a zombie apocalypse every day so I could use it.)

Hat tip to the Mad Duo, who’ve been on me to talk about these guys for a while.

TFB Knuckledragger: Check out this 'hawk from Hillbilly 223

One of Hillbilly 223's knife coats.





























Who is TFB Knuckledragger? He’s part of the team. Vetted by Soldier Systems Daily staff, approved by Tactical Fanboy actual, well liked by Jack Bauer, Raylen Givens, Bob Lee Swagger and Gogo Yubari. Grant him your full attention.

Not-So-Gratuitous Girls With Guns

Monday, January 16th, 2012

There’s an organization based out of Chicago (though it has members across the country) called the Women’s Tactical Association.

Tactical Fanboy: the Women's Tactical Association Athena Logo

Women's Tactical: Athena Logo

Members are mostly (though not all) law enforcement officers and military personnel. What’s interesting about these ladies is that they are able to maintain their femininity without giving up the ass-kicking capability you’d expect of an organization that includes NPRC (National Patrol Rifle Competition) shooters, specialized LE units, drug task force officers, etc.

If you’re at SHOT this week, watch for the three attractive (but dangerous) females wearing WTA apparel and get one of these patches (it’s a female shooter silhouette, appropriately labeled the Athena logo). If you know a female who is serious about improving her skills and is less worried about breaking a nail than she is about reducing her reload time under fire, then steer her towards the WTA (they are also on Facebook).

Note: we’re not interested in any stupid or inappropriate comments. These ladies are professionals and are our friends. If you want to remark on the fact that they all seem to be pretty as well as tactically proficient, well and good. Keep it classy, be respectful and don’t show your ass. We’d treat your friends and your sister the same way.

Tactical Fanboy: A member of the Women's Tactical Association.

UES Camouflage-Printed Leather Sneakers

Sunday, January 15th, 2012


These Woodland-esque camouflage-printed sneakers by Upper Echelon Shoes feature a side zip, rubber sole, and padded insole. They also feature ‘gold’ chains that lay over the laces, which, depending on taste, may be a positive. If not, then a good pair of wire cutters would remedy that design choice real quick.

Available for purchase here.